Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

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  • They are a colleague. Live Streatham Hill, soon to be working Upper Ground near the south side of Blackfriars Bridge

  • Just got enough work booked to be ok into the summer and also getting to work for/in camden so tick another borough off as worked in.

  • You coming on the 'after school' community clubs?

  • Sounds like it might be the thing, waiting on getting added to an email group or something so I can put my name down for dates.

  • Had one of them quality of service/mentoring sessions and even with my voice wrecked struggled through and delivered like normal, all the feedback was good just keep doing more of what I'm doing. Nice pick me up for the week.

  • Did my first SUD as co, I'm shattered but the feedback was that I did well. Can't say it's the most fun but a handful a year won't hurt.

  • Well done! I got poached 18 months ago from teaching the on road component to the classrooom component. It's easier on road than delivering death by PowerPoint but both are rewarding.

  • yeah well done Chris
    yearfive said to me the other day-
    "you know what KFC stands for?"
    me ,
    "kid fattening centre"

  • Did the BATB, hard work bombing along/around the riders to get back into place but very fun.

  • Smoothly run today. little hassle and lots of fun. BATB at its best. And free beer and BBQ meat at the end

  • Yeah, I really liked the way the cells worked and once people understood about swapping then pushing upto the flag it flowed nicely, did find myself having to taxi a couple of people back up the line to the cells ahead of me but not the end of the world.

    Sorry I didn't make it back, went on the school run with Deborah and then ended up at a school summer fayre thing. Also not a big drinker, should play up the bbq more haha

  • 2 years today since I did my NSIP training.

  • Congrats mate. And you're still having fun?

  • He was but then he met me yesterday!

  • I love what I do.

  • Got my track pump back and then instantly gave it away to a colleague as she needed it lol

  • Had some manual handling training which for most just seems like total junk but having a really good occupational therapist lady explore in loads of detail how I'm lifting/moving bikes in and out of storage was great, it's simple things but if I break my back doing it I can't teach anymore and it's just getting into better habits before I no longer can(as one of our colleagues found). Best of all the way I lift my bike daily up/down my own stairs is the best way they could see it being done, they did say move house to avoid the risk but that's much more long term.

    On the way to that training I bumped into one of my very first trainees who I also pointed towards being an instructor, a bit unusual but they contacted me via twitter and then I did a very casual free session with them more as friends that followed with them not long after taking NSIP training, they have been doing mostly 1-2-1s since as it clashed with other work but now they are looking to move to be teaching full time, fingers crossed they enjoy schools and stuff.

  • I'm about to start day 3 of my instructor training course with CTUK. And bloody loving it. What a sea change from my previous corporate IT shoite world. What's different? The people, trainees and instructors...nice people. The pace.
    ....set and adjusted to suit all. The make a positive difference. Really looking fwd to getting involved for real. Oh. One other difference. No more eating out at Gaucho. See below...this is one of only a few remaining gastronomic gigs for gourmet fans of the Knickerbocker Glory in the UK and it's 3 minutes from CTUK. Heaven....

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  • My stomach turns when I go past that Wimpy. The pictures of their different burgers in the window are so unattractive.

    Pastries from the St James Turkish supermarket ftw.

  • Glad you are enjoying it and hope my taking an hour or so out to see you has helped(sounds like it has).

    Also it's all about the chip shop just in the side road on the left a little up the high street.

  • @MetalMelly good luck on your day 4,
    best ITO to be trained by. Enjoy

  • Ha, are you doing a full-on career change, MM? Excellent.

  • That's the plan OS. We'll see how it goes but I'm going to give it 110% and then review. I'd love it to be a big part of my future.

  • If any of you privateers are happy to have me observe your training sessions I'd appreciate that. I'm newly qualified and eager to build up experience. I'm pretty flexible. I live in East Finchley and can get to anywhere in London.

    I am approaching training providing companies too.

    Thanks. Mel

  • Let me get back from my holiday and I'll ask at wheels for wellbeing.

    I suspect the answer will be not before a DBS appears but then after sure. I'm at more or less all the sessions for a few weeks so if it's quiet I can show you about modified bikes or just let you have a play with them so long as participants don't need them. Very far south for you tho unless you have plans to meet friends and stuff on the way back.

    Anything you came out with questions about?

    Fingers crossed for a good number for you.

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Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

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