Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

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  • Discovered this morning that foxes chewed through webbing on 5 helmets left out overnight at a school!

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  • Delivered training 30+ floors up in Canary Wharf, stunning views. A real hassle to get in/out with all the searches and checks but much nicer than the usual training rooms we start from.

  • Just ascended to the ranks of pedestrian trainers.

  • Delivered some pedestrian training in french today, rather pleased my french was passable given I've not spoken it in years.

  • Just completed the level 3 Tutor training. So soon I’ll be delivering instructor training and mentoring existing instructors towards the new bike ability delivery standard. It was a fun but intense two days. Also made me clear how well I’d been taught by @skydancer in my CTUK days.

  • You took the job seriously from the outset. We're always reflective, open to feedback and interested in developing skills.

    Quite amazing how you changed, transforming from an angry visa stamper to a highly skilled trainer.

  • Congratulations @dancing james that's great news! Enjoy your new role.

  • He could have considered visa stamping training.


  • via stamping

    Treading heavily on roads?

  • Ha, good typo. Edited.

  • Is this making anyone happy, or is there an obvious catch that I'm missing:­-child-in-england-to-be-offered-cycle-tr­aining

  • Very happy
    Though they need to up the per head allocation to improve instructor pay and conditions across the sector

    It's Bikeability on the national school curriculum almost

  • Thats great news - hope it becomes a reality with some quality.

  • That's great news

  • In other news I passed the post course assessment as an instructor trainer today. Had to contend with 40mph winds, rain and hail while being observed.

  • Nice! Congratulations.

  • Now we just need to find enough people to quite condescendingly say to every child: 'Have you considered cycle training?' :)

    As skydancer says, the funding is key. I can well imagine that because of the sheer volume of work that would be generated, the quality would suffer--training lots of new instructors, etc. That said, it could all become more firmly locally-based and not rely on outside contractors so much. We'll see.

  • The catch is that many of the areas that will now deliver "bikeability" had already delivered "cycle training" and rebranding won't take any additional funds and makes total sense as the qualifications are aligned more with bikeability than they had been in the past. I'm not sure if it's actually an increase in cycling money or that is staying the same as money for walking and other things(the ones actually mentioned) increases.

    Can all stop salivating and learn how to read and fudge statistics now.

  • The catch is that many of the areas that will now deliver "bikeability" had already delivered "cycle training" and rebranding won't take any additional funds

    Not really. Apart from a few LAs like Oxford and Norfolk the rest only delivered Bikeability to less than 1/2 the young people in years 5 and 6. Their other pupils got nothing. No cycle training

    My concern is that the new money means more pupils trained rather than improved quality and better pay for instructors. Numbers trained don't correlate to more cycling.

    Higher quality training and additional interventions like bikeability + offered to schools with decent travel planning and parent / teacher engagement could lead to more riding. Even if this is delivered to fewer pupils

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Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

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