Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

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  • Hi CW. I hope you had good hols. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm pretty busy as it happens. I gave a free of charge L1 2 3 course to an experienced cyclist at the weekend. I'm observing in Islington at a school most of this week. I've another foc course for a new cyclist on Thursday. First Aid organised for 9th Oct. DBS organised for 10th October. If I can find work locally or let's say north of the river I'd prefer that. But let's stay in touch. What you're involved in sounds fascinating. Good that you're so busy. Weather is holding too! Cheers. Mel.

  • That's good to hear, I'm up in Haringey a fair bit working or seeing friends. Most of London is within an hour ride, my own thinking has been most other work has a similar commute so never been fussed about riding to work.

    Be careful with trial sessions and days, it's great if they are actively training you somehow via doing it or gainful employment follows but some will just use you to fill a gap and need they have for free labour. If you are observing so "an extra" the ratios should still work if you are subtracted, if not you are working or the session wouldn't be able to go ahead(that's my view on it anyway).

  • Yep. Agreed re free work. I'm purely observing 2 instructors at work. Cheers. Mel

  • Trying to maintain concentration amongst the kids at training with this going on behind me on Monday.

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  • Getting an email to say part of your instructor work is all expenses paid baking. Now if someone could just get my oven fixed so I don't need to borrow my parents or neighbours for the day that would be great.

  • So the baking was awesome. I've had my twitter and everything going mad since seems I'm now popular with anyone who enjoys cake which is everyone lol

  • Got an ITO from outside London to start tendering in London more aggressively. I suspect bad for everyone apart from me but made me feel good.

  • Can you expand on what you mean by this post please?

  • Which ITO from outside of London have you "got" "to start tendering in London more aggresively"?

    More aggresively in what way, and and for what tenders?

    How might it be bad for "everyone else"?

    Who do you mean by "everyone else" - Instructors? ITOs/providers? Both?

    Why would it not also be bad for you?

  • Oh... I don't really do discussion about this stuff via social media.

  • I didn't ask for a discussion, I just asked if you would clarify what you mean by what you have posted.

  • The thread is just all sorts of stuff that instructors do/think/experience that's made them happy. I don't think it needs to all make perfect sense to everyone. Maybe you should look on it more like viewing art, you can enjoy it for yourself even if you don't know what the artist was thinking.

    Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

    made me feel good

  • Oh I see. How funny.

  • Well, I'm up and running, trained by CTUK in September. Doing some work for Islington but mainly for myself. Weekends are fully booked. Working mainly with kids and loving it. Nothing beats the excitement created by a kiddie pedalling away for the first time, wobbling down the park path, leaving me wondering whether we've practised turning corners!???! Park visitors smile and comment. One older chap fondly recalled teaching his now 22 year old son.

    Its exhausting, and a massive change from tech sales to financial services, but I am having a ball.

  • Fncking awesome

    Now move to longlevens and bake me some mince pie based confectionary

  • And I thought it was about friendship. Turns out it's about cakes. Unlike a Tesco Luxury deep-fill friend you're just a shallow-fill, LIDLess tart.

  • Spent a couple of hours with David of Clever Mike in Hornsey. As an experienced cyclist he wasn't sure what to expect from National Standards but his eyes were opened. Here he is in Forest Gate overtaking a car transporter parked in a bike lane not much wider than handlebars.

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  • By the way his mum knits a nice line in helmet mounted earmuffs. Even colour coordinated! Available at...

  • Had a cycle with the cycling walking commissioner guy, when you get him not banging out a soundbite he actually has a sense of humor.

  • namedrop?

  • Had an instructor I've not seen for a while wait an hour after her work ended at a shared venue so we could go for a nice ride after, recabled a bike of hers and had some hot chocolate then cycled home.

  • Got my own desk with junk food, super slow computer and everything. Only for a short project but a nice change.

  • My daughter had a training session with Seb in Jubilee Park in Leyton yesterday. On here?

  • Hi, no, I don't think he's here.

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Cycle trainers, what's made your day?

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