• I bought this bike for the vintage wheels, as I was bidding on a Schwinn Varsity with pitted wheels, and when this arrived, it was so lovely, I wanted to ride it. However, it is too large for me. Measuring it, I've found it to be a 53cm (21") frame. My toes don't touch the ground. There is some rust, especially on some of the chrome components, but overall, I think it's in excellent condition for its age, having original tires and features.

    This is a great bike for restoration or converting to a fixie, as it's a 70s raleigh which means it has a steel frame and wheels. It beautifully well made. From the simple, lovely lugs (rather than TIG welding) to the drop-outs, seat stays, and the box crown fork, everything is thoughtfully welded.

    The chrome fenders still had some of the original plastic covering on them. The rear carrier is handy, with the elastic still pliable. The paintwork looks to be original, from what I can tell, but is in such good condition, I wondered if it was resprayed. Considering there was still old plastic stuck to the fenders and there is some rust in the few chips in the paint, I believe it's original. The lug connecting the top tube the the seat looks to have had some touch-up work at some point, with paint (see pic).

    The tires are original, so need replacing, but I think it's awesome to see the originals there. Also, there is a vintage light on the rear tire which is made in England.

    I think to get this bike running, it will need some servicing, both for the gears, chain, and probably brakes, to be safe. This is why I suggest it is great for converting to fixie, as the frame is excellent, but components are in need of TLC. However, it would be a shame to not try to keep it original, as it is a great example of its model. I did some research and the Estelle was only released in Europe, so I couldn't find it in any of the American catalogues. I checked the serial number on the side, which is why I believe it is a 1973 in my research to find out more about this lovely bike. There are no dents, only minor blemishes to paintwork in places, and some rust.

    This bike is unusual in that it's not a 3 speed sturmey archer hub with 26" wheels like most other ladies English 70s models at the time. It's spec'd for going fast, with the larger, thinner wheels (700cc?) and the 10speed(?) with derailleur.

    This vintage bike needs some love but will be most rewarding to restore. It is a stunning, beautifully-made bike. Collection from Sandwich, Kent. Feel free to visit and look the bike over to make sure you're happy before buying. I think considering the condition of this bike, I'd prices it £100 but am open to sensible offers.

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  • How tall are you? Wandering if its good for a girl whos 5'4

  • With the seat down as far as it will go, (I'm 5'2) the tips of my shoes barely touch the ground, but 5'4 might be okay. Also! my feet are 3-4, so maybe if she has large feet, this will make a difference too. I'm not confident enough a rider to not have major contact, I'd feel too wobbly. I'd recommend trying it out, if possible.

  • Judging from a number of styling and component cues, I'd say this is a late 1980s, low end model. A 5 speed with 27" wheels.
    Complete and running you'll get £100, but not as is, on here.

  • Could you say why its a low end model? I couldn't find any info on the Estelle. The serial is NL3005112 on seat tube, I took this site to mean it was n for Nottingham, l for August and 3 for 1973, but if you have something more authoritative, please do share. :0)

  • This bike is now SOLD - thanks.

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For Sale: 1973 Vintage Raleigh Estelle ladies bike, 53cm/21in, excellent condition!

Posted by Avatar for Xrissy123 @Xrissy123