The things you can do with search

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  • my eyes crossed right where the pink/red text starts.

    Do not want.

  • I'm sure all the easy use stuff will come, this is just the workings underneath if you want to play now.

  • I'm sure this is just the API and a user interface will follow to leverage it.
    That is the way that all decent search engines work. Build the API, then the UI, and then you are checking boxes, getting the search results you want, with the bonus of a bookmarkable, emailable URL that will repeat the search.

  • Repost.

  • Er, guys. I think you're all missing the point somewhat.

    I can't give you checkboxes without the engine underneath supporting the options those checkboxes provide.

    The engine always has to have this stuff first, and what I'm doing is giving that to you immediately whilst I build the checkboxes.

    People were clamouring for a "Today" button that they could bookmark immediately. Hey, it's possible right now with search... just bookmark this link:

    Today on LFGSS

    And what you've got to realise is that when we make a "Today" page to replace Trending... underneath, all it is going to be is that search.

    When you step back and think about it, everything that isn't a single item is a search.

    Instead of denying you access to the full power of the search, I'm giving you all the keys so that you can define whatever crazy searches that you want.

    Yes the search form will tidy this up with checkboxes, yes the search box will default to sensible things "inTitle:true sort:date"... but right now, this very instant... you can already do everything you want and what follows will be UX changes.

  • Can some wizard make a button exact like Velocios ^ BUT ONLY GIVING ME THREADS WITH UNREAD [NEW] POSTS - the amount of screen estate wasted from giving me threads that I've already read is like a stupid librarian fetching me books that I just told her I've already read.

  • Some wizard cannot, because the search filter does not exist.

  • Yeah, but how do I find the exploding head gif?

  • Kind of need it right here...

  • Will there be the ability to save searches, so we can create our own dashboards etc?

  • You can bookmark them.


    Disclaimer: not a computer geek, only got a very tentative grip on the whole subject.

  • URLs of search results encapsulate the search itself.

    Just bookmark it.

    Or set up a private message with yourself and bookmark a whole swathe of searches in there.

    We haven't built a "favourite" functionality in... maybe it's needed. Maybe not. We'll wait and see.

  • I just searched for the Let's Offroad thread, by putting offroad in the search box. Despite being the most replied/viewed/recently used thread it was way down the list given back. Why?

  • Seems you have to be some kind of HTML guru to operate this new forum.
    I have pretty much zero idea of what was said in that first post.

  • @Velocio if you do build some favourites functionality, that right-hand column looks like it could be used for such a thing.

  • Search now has a set of defaults that makes it faster and improves relevancy.

    Simply it restricts new searches from the search box to:

    • Searching only titles
    • Ordering by date

    You can still get the uber powerful but frankly useless for popular items search... by just unchecking those boxes on the searches results.

  • Possible bug:

    If you do another search straight away, then the defaults are not reapplied.

    Not sure if you can determine a totally new search as posed to an amendment?

    (Oops, forgot to hit reply. +Velocio )

  • Was intended.

    If the search form was populated at the time the page loaded (i.e. you are doing a search already and this is a results page), then if we force the defaults on you again and again you could never choose to search within comments.

    It's intended that at this point you'd be refining your search.

    So we only use the defaults if you're not viewing the search results page.

  • Fairy muff.

  • Can you sort by date but oldest first?

  • Sort by date, and then go to the last page.

  • Doh!

  • Is there a way to do an exact search? For example this search for "virtualization"does not find me the post where this was discussed­zation+sort:date and applying quotes to "virtualization" still gets me a bunch of virtual top tubes etc.

  • @Velocio
    Not sure if you can search my huddles, but did a search for messages from you using aurthorid and didn't get the huddle which I started but you replied to. Is that meant?­%3A47686&type=huddle&defaults=true

  • I didn't start it, you did.

    But you could've included me by including an additional &type=comment so that it would include all comments on huddles, and then find the ones that I had authored.

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The things you can do with search

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