Cycle trainers, what's spoiling your day?

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  • Cycled to brent again 15 miles for an 8:30 start, planned as 5 instructors turning up. 9 comes and I'm still alone with 2 instructors lost somewhere in the school, 1 didn't show or call or anything and 1 got the tube and came late with no bike. Went ok I guess but like the worst start ever to the day and really embarrassing being the only one on time and organised so the teachers and stuff came to me for answers rather than the leading instructor, 1 of the instructors thinks I was leading as I bothered to email around my phone number before don't think anyone put that right before they left. On the up side it was only 1 day planned so the mess won't be made any bigger.

  • Scooter training

  • Do you even balanceability?

  • Double Dr Bike + a few extras, 26 heaps, 5hrs, 1 brake+levers+cables install as kid had trashed bike and parent appeared with parts, 3 new bikes clearly lifted out of boxes and wheeled into school without even turning the bars, 1 backwards forks.

    On the up side the school seemed more than happy so looks like I'll be back at that one regular. I felt good about wasting a few minutes moving reflectors and bells and putting brake levers in better positions to reach them even tho I could have just left them.

  • Cycled 15 miles to do 2 sessions, did 1 and 2nd got rained off, will have another day soon cycling ages to just do 1 session so 2 days messed up at once.

  • this is November work, keep your chin up

  • Working for one of the sub-contracting cycle training companies, getting a day's work cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand and not being paid for it.

    If it's in-house, and my time is allocated, I'm paid on it if there's a cancellation.

    Like it should be.

  • Fair answer.
    Any good operations will stipulate that last minute cancellations still pay for the booking.
    Just got my main council employer to do this after years of pushing for it.
    There's still only about a quarter of the eligible age group 10 up in schools receiving training overall---- so the fact there's independents and councils both trying to deliver training is part of the mix
    Hard road to travel and a mighty long way to go

  • Bike shaped bit of scrap metal owner went into a panic when told I couldn't save the £10 they spent on it and they need to go and fork out for a new bike or overhall the 1 part crankset if they are lucky enough the frame isn't rudded, replace levers, replace v brakes, replace cables and then wheels didn't have long left in them and saddle was torn. If it wasn't work I'd have started a brokeporn thread.

  • It's Tax Return time (I know, I know).

    So, can I claim milage, AND fuel or only one of these?

    And I get a quarter of my phone bill? And a bit of my rent can be written off against it as well, right? As I do admin at home, so it counts as a workplace/office space as well, right? Right? Yeah?

    Oh fuck it, i'd sooner give HMRC more money than I have to than be bothered to work it all out!

    There, that's the spirit.

  • If youre earning up to ten grand a year you dont pay tax as a sole trader.
    if youre earning over ten grand a year doing cycle training.
    I bow to you as the first person Ive ever met doing so

  • Edited.

  • Victoria Pendleton's shit women's bikes. Unbelievably heavy clunky rattly pieces of junk. It's as if she is planning on discouraging the next wave of female cyclists. Such a disappointment that she sold out so badly.

  • I.e James got a vicky bike on a class and had to fix the cheese v brake caliper with a set of pliers 😉

  • Got a 16 hour week so far on the road next week.
    Blog to follow

  • They weigh a ton and watching an unfit young girl struggle to get the bike up over a gentle incline was depressing.

  • I like "Vicky bike", sounds good.

    Shame she's apparently partnered with a crap bike company.

  • Yep. Got that all to come this week.
    Anyone got a 6 inch socket set so I can those fucking stunt pegs.......

  • Vicky got her first second on a horse this week in case you missed it

  • watching my other half riding down the road, inside the fucking door zone!

    much facepalm - but she won't take instruction from me

  • It's like ying and yang, marry her under a gazebo.

  • A school that had no idea what it was doing. All booked and arranged by the people in the office and then no information passed to the teachers, forms muddled up and seperated into a dozen places around the school. Arrived at 9 and wasn't able to start till 1 with all the faff but it's now all organised for the entire week for all 120 kids having an hour balanceability each and none of the important lessons clash or anything.

  • @ClockwiseCyclin I feel you're pain.
    Have spent years telling the office staff that the link between them going yeah its sorted . Next.
    Is the most important.
    Still going for pre rides of schools areas linked with jolly ing up administration AT school so the course is full and I get paid most. The parents and kids know the details and then on the day they are prepped. Mwah

  • Had a really sad point in my day today when talking with a teacher at a school I'm working at I commented that the bike rack was very empty, they mentioned that lots of the school are under the poverty line. Noticed a handful of parents driving 200 yards to collect kids in expensive 4x4s, also noticed loads of kids collecting iphones at the end of the day, serious mess up of priorities.

  • My post 'anytown u.k' dealt with this.
    Blog and that
    Keep your chin up.

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Cycle trainers, what's spoiling your day?

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