Day Z LFGSS crew/clan

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  • Thinking maybe this epic game deserves its own thread for all to join, recount tales, and plan meet ups, rather than spamming the Video Games thread.

    Maybe it will work, maybe it will fizzle out after 4 posts. Or one.

    My Steam name is Eight armed pet, I don't actually play that much but very keen on team work when I do.

  • I'm following this thread. I don't have the game yet, but someone'll post here when it's on Steam sale, right? :)

  • Ha, it wont be on sale until its out of Alpha or Beta! Just cough up and crack on.

  • I tried that game out but got a little bored of the missing interface and features and uninstalled.
    Time to install again maybe?
    What server are you on?

  • No specific server atm, but could look into that.
    Its a different type of game, the experience comes more from the feeling than the doing.
    You don't need an interface, not sure what features you feel are missing but somethings have been added....

  • Will purchase tonight- been looking at it for a while now.

  • Get on it man. You'll hate your first 12 hours but get addicted after that...

  • You'll hate your first 12 hours but get addicted after that...

    That must be it.
    Never made it past 3 hours. Was to fed up with the fact that I couldn't change my character as it always would change back to default. ;)

  • Need to spawn a new character before seeing a different model - effectively killing the existing character. I've just accepted the fact that I'm a small Asian woman and got on with my life.

    Currently at the military base to the north west of Balota.

    The latest update seems to have much fewer ammo spawns so I'm running around with a Mosin, a few pistols and no ammo for them. Lots of 9mm / .22 ammo but no guns to take it.

    Might be on tonight.

  • I 'm prob going to be on tonight at some point...
    I too was playing as a small asian women for a bit of variety, but she had an awful run of luck with zombies.
    Now currently playing as a black guy, intrigued by claims players treat different ethnicity players differently...
    Also currently NW ish...

  • I've just accepted the fact that I'm a small Asian woman...

    This has sold it to me.

  • Mr BMX - head south - I'm nearly at the middle of the map on the west. Maybe if some others are on we can take the NW airfield from the south this week (the better direction to attack as there's more line of sight - easy for one of us to snipe from/act as overwatch).

  • Sounds like a plan... I'm not sure where I am atm... ran west for a long time and came across not much... tacked back SE and have come across what looks like a small airfield... could be the very NW one you speak of. It's not massive... off for a spin on the week bike now but on later. We need to make the LFGSS team up happen!

  • The NW airfield is big. Almost as big as Balota and a much bigger army base just north of it. You'd know it if you hit it (unless they've nerfed NW as well as the NE).

  • Im in either the big airbase or the big army base... its big, it has an airfield and it has army tents. No bloody M4's as of yet though.
    Ready to meet up if you know where i am talking about...

    Edit: Yep defo NW Airbase... Stern, get on it.

  • When I eventually get back to Uni and have my desktop set up I'll be joining you guys, I have access to a teamspeak server aswell if you don't have one yet!

  • It sounds good, I haven't played since I moved to the new place but will be up for joining a posse.

    Just have to sort out SW:TOR, Skyrim, Kerbal...

  • Just watched World War Z in 3D on the projector. Again. Really not amazing, but setting me up for a DayZ experience.

  • I've had a bit of break from Dayz as my microphone died, but I now have a fully geeky headset so can join in again.

  • snr BMX and I had a lunchtime foray using only Steam Chat. We hit northwest airfield but it had already been looted so there wasn't much there apart from an SKS. I logged off at the military base just south of it.

    I now have an AKM but can't seem to fit AK mags into it. It says the mags fit the AK101 so perhaps there's a different version floating around?

  • FYI @chrisbmx116 you can fit those 10 round mags into the Amphibia:
    Same for those 30 round mags for the sporter:
    Next time you're on have a try. Sometimes they bug so try dropping the weapon on the floor, then picking it up then try dragging the mag onto the weapon to connect.

  • It was very pleasant...
    I logged back in, found an a k101 but no mags. then got chased and attacked by 2 frog zombies and 2 normal ones but outran them, just, after getting enough distance to bandage myself before they were on me, again.
    Joined a busy server to join up with 2 guys I once played with, then a real world offline friend joined us, then 2 randoms, and we set off across the map as a heavily armed team of 6. It was fun. Didn't get into too much trouble but meeting the randoms was fun.
    Brilliant fun.

  • I also found an ashwood stick so going to try making a makeshift bow later.

    Lastly... I shot and killed a wild boar. Unfortunately I only had my axe on me so I couldn't skin it for leather.

  • Awesome.
    I gave that gun away, I now have a better pistol with attachments and my a k101 with attachments. Just no mags... Shame you missed out on the team up.

  • Just found an MP5-K and some pristine clothes to change into at the military base south of NWAF. Ran outside and jogged along a remote treeline. My girlfriend came in so I took my headphones off. Turned around and there was a guy standing there who had possibly been talking to me asking if I was friendly. I couldn't hear without phones and obviously didn't respond so he shot me.

    I'm getting a lock on my door.

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Day Z LFGSS crew/clan

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