FAQ for those who migrated from the vBulletin version of LFGSS

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  • So I'll ask here too, anyone else getting spammed by #user49436?

  • There's a list on the moderators thread. She's up to 400 odd...

  • Thanks, I somehow thought that this was the moderators thread.

  • Microcosm is shutting down?

    Where will LFGSS go next?

    2014-10-16 - We have been unable to convince others of the investable or purchaseable value in Microcosm. The reality of that is that we have reached the end of the investment that enabled us to create and run the business and as our revenue doesn't yet cover all costs, we have no alternative than to wind up the company.

    Existing customers can sign-in and manage their sites - service will continue during the winding-up process and we shall contact you in the coming weeks.

    Investors should check for updates with Seedrs and wait for them to assist you with claiming SEIS relief on your investment.

  • It'll still run on microcosm, but the company will be wound up. The software won't be vaporised.

  • .
    double post wierdness >>>>

  • Just asked in a roundabout sort of way, on the What's so great about microcosm? thread, what's happening. I'd really like to use microcosm with some local activists I just met with today, to launch a tree society forum. Will I still be able to if the company is winding up?

  • I'll reply in the other thread.

  • did this work?

  • google is ditching openID - just wanted to ask how login will work for gmail accounts after they shut it down

  • Can we be automatically subscribed to threads we create please? Thankyou Please Thankyou

  • Did we do away with horizontal lines or was that just never a thing?

  • You mean, like signatures?

    like that?

  • I don't believe so.
    I thought there used to be a grey line, if you wrote so many underscores, which was horizontal and went from one sides of the screen to the other whether on a mobile or computer. If thats what you mean by signatures then sure.

    Also, BTW all I can see on your comment is some text *(You mean, ...)*and then a few lines down more text (like that). Just saying in case there was meant to be anything more there.

    Also recently discovered how to change font size, not sure if thats common knowledge but its very subtly done, bravo!

  • Your screen contrast may be too low, and your screen brightness too high.

    There are horizontal rules... but it sounds like they are washed out on the device/screen that you are viewing this on.

    You may want to use a calibration pattern to adjust whatever settings are available to you:

  • oh yeah. I can see it on my phone and just about on my screen.
    How does one do that?


  • I know nothing about what monitor you're using... Google the model number, find a manual, read it.

    Or look for buttons on the monitor and mess around with them.

  • sorry, i meant write it in a post.

    Ive got it working on the monitor now.

  • On a line of their own, put a load of dashes: -

    You need 4+ to make a horizontal rule. You basically draw it with text.

  • ahh. thank you

  • Ok, this has been bugging me since the switch, but never took the time to figure it out.

    Is there a way / setting to see a quote/reply in one post instead of having to click 'in reply to' to see what it's about? Or can this only be done by the person replying, having to select the text and hit 'reply'?

  • Yes.

    Either of those things.

    Highlight and hit reply... or hit reply... this creates the "in reply to" link.

    Though I should be able to create a thing that makes that load inline easily enough, but just haven't got to it yet.

  • No rush, was just wondering if I missed any settings to turn it on.

    It's 'annoying' when someone quotes from, let's say, a page back, and you have to click the 'in reply to' link to see what it's actually about.

    Cheers for the info

  • Peeps been griping about this since microcosm day one.

    Short answer: @Velocio is a shit head and refuses to make things better for us poor users. We should burn him with fire.

    He taunts me with the poorly aligned pagination buttons on mobile. It BURNS.

  • Oh hang on. He seems to have fixed that.

    I HEART you @Velocio.

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FAQ for those who migrated from the vBulletin version of LFGSS

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