• Wow. Did not know that. Almost blind TheoryGran could read it now.

  • Unicode UTF-8. Would you suggest changing it?

  • Nope that's fine, just wanted to check.

  • I was really enjoying the new forum but safari not directing me to the first unread posts on iphone and ipad was starting to really piss me off.

    I'm using Safari on iPhone and this seems to have been fixed today. Thanks, @Velocio.

  • Eh?

    That may have been the unintended consequence of me fixing a redirect bug when a trailing slash wasn't on the URL.

    Would love to know if this was also the root cause of the Safari redirect bug.

  • I'm on safari and am now delighted to jump to the first unread post.

  • @Velocio fixed on mine as well. Safari iOS 7

  • Yep looks like safari is now working better.

  • That's how I feel.

    Totally undeserved though. I thought I was just fixing a cosmetic something-else that was low priority and I shouldn't have been fixing.

  • Would love to know if this was also the root cause of the Safari redirect bug.

    Well, I was using it overnight last night until about 7 this morning (night shift, not insomnia) and the bug was there. I woke up at noon and it was working.

  • I woke up at noon


    Lazy so and so.

  • Night shift! I didn't get to bed until 8, and I still feel like death.

  • Heh, just kidding. I read that, but the thought of sleeping till noon is blissful. Not sure I've slept in for years now. I just wake at 6am no matter what.

  • Me neither. Got a 17-month old who has conditioned me to wake at 6AM, regardless of whether I'm in the same building as her or not. And I blame you for that.

  • I have an alibi. 26 months ago I was in Greece.

  • @Velocio how do I delete a thread? this new layout baffles me!

  • Which thread do you want deleted?

  • Both of your conversations are classifieds, and as you own them you can close them.

    The link is in the right-hand bar, under Actions, there will be a drop down menu offering you the ability to close the advert.

  • Yep, works on Safari desktop too now.

  • But... you can actually trust the HTML we output. If you had used that, I'd embrace the tool and would wonder how to integrate it.

    Here is a version that works from the HTML output: http://nick.cleaton.net/markdown2.html

    It's rather simplistic in that it leaves most of the HTML as HTML and just picks out the bits that most need to be converted to markdown for ease of editing. It does work well for @skydancer 's instagram post though, apart from the fact that my firefox for some reason assumes a windows-1252 encoding for an application/json content type with no explicit charset, so the utf8 m-dashes are garbled.

  • done it! thank you :)

  • @Velocio
    Got a bit of a bug, when using the forum on my iphone4 iOS 6.1.3, and safari, not sure what version of safari though.
    It doesn't happen all the time but I'll open up a conversation/thread with the phone held up in a portrait stylee and it opens fine but then the thread moves across to the left of screen as if its trying show something that is too big for the screen, if I continue scrolling down the page keeps indenting to the left until you can't see anything.
    It's annoying but doesn't happen on every thread or conversation I open.

    Any thoughts?

  • If you could provide a link to a page on which this happens, that would be helpful.

    But we believe that this is caused by very long URLs or strings that are not being broken up for display. Safari handles this badly, instead of staying left-aligned it jumps outside of the view area without letting you move to the left.

    We have it logged: https://github.com/microcosm-cc/microweb­/issues/251

    The fix we will apply is to extend our Go HTML sanitization library such that strings above 50 chars have a space inserted so that page layout doesn't break.

  • If you could provide a link to a page on which this happens, that would be helpful.

    Next time it happens I will. Thanks for being on it!

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