FAQ for those who migrated from the vBulletin version of LFGSS

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  • How do I sign in?

    Please see the help thread at https://meta.microco.sm/conversations/25­2821/

    I signed in and the page keeps refreshing, how do I stop it?

    Sign out and sign in again. You may also need to clear your browser cookies.

    My username is now 'user7645', how can I get my name back?

    This can happen for 2 reasons:

    1. You are signing in with a different email address than the one that was associated with your account on vBulletin.
    2. You reserved your username by financially supporting Microcosm, and we allocated this to an email address which is different from the one you signed in with.

    If you are affected by the former, then send me a private message telling me what username you used to have, and I will let you know what email address you used on vBulletin. If you no longer have access to that email, I will change it for you (but you obviously need to tell me what you are now signing in with).

    If you are affected by the latter, then send me a private message telling me what email address you signed in with. I will update the system so that it knows that the username belongs to you, which will allow you to change your username to it.

    Where can I see "New Posts"/"Today's Posts"?

    Bookmark this link: Today on LFGSS

    Where are my subscribed threads?

    These have been imported as "Follows".

    When you view a conversation, you will see that in the right hand bar you can follow/unfollow it. You can also follow forums, profiles, events, etc.

    Because "Follows" now cover more than threads, and we also wanted to tell you when you were @mentioned or someone replied to a comment that you had made, we have created a new page... "Following".

    "Following" is accessible from the navigation at the top and shows which of the items that you are following have had updates. Meaning your imported subscriptions won't appear on there until the items you are following have new posts.

    To view all things that you are following you can do a search: Stuff you are following

    Where are my private messages?

    You can find these under "Messages".

    Messages differ from vBulletin Private Messages in that they are more like private conversations, shared with 1 or more people.

    If you invite someone into a message, then they will see the entirety of the conversation (not just the new posts from that moment onwards).

    If someone deletes the message, then this will remove themselves from the shared message and they will no longer see any updates to the message.

    If everyone deletes a message, then we will physically delete it from our server.

    Is there any way of seeing active thread users?

    Not yet, but this feature is planned in the future.

    How do I order the classifieds into thread start time?

    At the moment you cannot do this as classifieds are just conversations and we do not have a filter that allows ordering by time based on the creation date.

    We do have a sort that can order classifieds by last modified date, just do your search and add sort:date to your query.

    We also have plans for classifieds to be a different type of content, in the same way that events are a different type of content.

    When we build that we will want to know the features that people expect from this:

    1. Price
    2. Sold/Unsold
    3. Attributes (size of frame, colour of bike, manufacturer of item, etc)

    And stemming from that, which search engine features you would like us to support. i.e. "Find all red bikes, that are unsold, below £200, that are 58cm in size, and order them by date so the latest advert is first.".

    We are not going to make conversations be sorted by anything other than their last update time... but it makes sense to order events by the event date, and classifieds by the listing date. So specialist filters will handle those in the future.

    How do I put @someone on ignore?

    We do not currently have ignore functionality, but we look to build it soon. We will update this FAQ when we have it.

    How do I quote someone?

    The old button is gone, to quote someone you have two options depending on your web browser:

    1. Highlight text in a comment and hit the reply button. This will copy the text as a quote into the reply box.
    2. Manually create a quote by copy+pasting the text you want to quote and preceding it with an arrow and a space >

    The font is too big

    That is not a question.

    But the font will be reduced by a couple of px and the line-height tightened up. This should greatly increase the words per line, and lines per page, whilst retaining a high degree of readability.

    This will take a few days to do as we need to make a full typographic test post to perform testing and ensure that existing forums are not adversely affected by it.

    We will keep on using the font we are using, we're just going to tweak it so that it's not quite as large.

    Search is weird, how do I search for something?

    Read the thread about what you can do with search: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2531­46/

  • Thanks!
    Going to spread this. ;)

  • They really are.

    The biggest reason? Attribution. You can see how posted it.

  • Where has our individual post count gone?

  • Any way of seeing active thread users?

  • so if I @dst it comes up in following?

  • yup

  • How do I order the classifieds into thread start time?

  • How do I put @edscoble on ignore?

  • ^ Repped... Oh wait...

  • How do I put that Horatio guy on ignore? What a douche.

  • @Velocio I always prefered user CP to subscribed, is there an equivalent please?

  • Moi aussi.

  • @Fahrgestell, let me know what email address you used to have and I will re-associate your account.

  • How do I order the classifieds into thread start time?

    The "Following" page is the closest we've got.

  • How do I ignore threads?

  • How do I ignore people?

  • Is it too late to migrate my stuff from the old version? Would very much like to be me (croft) again :(.

  • @croft sign out, and sign in again.

  • I've added ignore to the FAQ... in essence, we don't have that yet. We'll be building that very soon.

  • How do I quickly quote someone's post for a reply?

  • No ignore?! deletes Football thread

  • Are there plans to add these ordering features Velocio?

  • How do I report people I have a vendetta against?

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FAQ for those who migrated from the vBulletin version of LFGSS

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