How do I..?

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  • @velocio How do I delete a user from a Microcosm forum. I know how to ban someone but their name still appears in the memebrs list. I suppose once someone is deleted they aren't then banned?

  • I do it using SQL.

    Basically I need to move all of their content to a user called @deleted and then nuke their profile, and only nuke their email if they have no other profiles on any other Microcosm site.

  • Thanks. So I have to learn how to use SQL. There's no delete profile button?

  • Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section, I don’t know what this function is even called to be able to search.... how do I create these hidden drop down posts like this­

  • how do I create these hidden drop down posts


    <details><summary>Spoiler topic</summary>
    Spoiler text</details>

    Results in:

    Spoiler topic
    Spoiler text

  • Excellent, thank you.

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How do I..?

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