How do I..?

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  • Reduce the font size/increase the column width/fit more text on the screen?

  • I would also like to know this

  • Get the same "new posts" type thing working? I can only suss out how to see each forum

  • Try zooming?
    The layout is optimized for mobile devices.

  • Oh also:
    Read this. FAQ by Velocio.

  • Get the same "new posts" type thing working? I can only suss out how to see each forum

    Click on 'Conversations' on the right hand side of the page... Hey presto!

  • Yaaaay...cheers.

  • A hack, but if you're on windows you can use CTRL & + / - to increase/decrease size

  • I tried that but the column gets narrower too. Even on mobile the text/gaps between posts are massive. Not saying it's wrong, just that I want more reading between scrolls.

  • I was using CTRL & mousewheel but yeah, same issue as above...

  • I'd like to display multiple ( separate ) day rides within an event. Is there any simple & tidy way of doing this? I currently have the option of a single day event, or a multiple day ( but still one-off ) event.

    Listing a separate 'event' for 6-7 rides within a 2 week timeframe seems somewhat excessive and it might get a bit confusing.

    Are individual ride lists within the event my only option here?

  • Individual events are your only option.

    How would someone indicate participation in one of a series if the series were one event?

    That question, and the complexity of such an interface, is pretty much why we haven't offered this even though the technical way to store such information isn't hard. The UI/UX is the problem, and we won't move to the really hard problems until people are really comfortable and familiar with how events work today.

  • How can I delete a post? Cant find an option for it.

  • You can't, right now. Feature yet to be implemented.

  • OK, thanks.

  • You can edit down to a "." if you like and or "lock" the thread with the button on the right.

  • How do I log back into my old account '@Gabe', when I enter my email address to log in I am asked to use my gmail account to log in

  • Anyone know how to unlock a thread? I'm using firefox and chrome and both have bugs in the drop-down menu, see screenshot below

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  • How do I embed a Strava activity?

  • It works in the preview. Odd

  • @Velocio Can any light be shed on this?

  • You cannot use any embeds you get from web sites that include object or iframe tags.

    Basically, it's a huge security hole that puts the entire site data at risk.

    What we do instead is accept various URLs, as URLs... and when you just put them in a comment as a link, the code on the server will spot it. When the server spots it we'll re-write the comment with the embed.

    This is safe, because we know that we trust this specific embed. So we do it for you.

    An example:­test-rides/82cace86c58f180c970aa41da8f39­f9d4f5ba4bb

    Note that is the URL to a widget page. We can only embed widgets and not whole pages.

  • Is it possible to ignore certain Conversations? In the same way you can ignore specific members?

  • Yes, click the ignore button.

  • How can I change my reg'ed email address?

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How do I..?

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