Do you remember that time when EVERYTHING changed...?

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  • The type is huge at 100% on a 22" screen 1920 x 1080. But it's not a problem.

  • Your thirst for liquor jugs may be a problem.

  • I don't like to say it but I have to. I cannot stand this new site. It's big and clunky and unintuitive and just doesn't work nicely on any of the devices and computers I have tried it on. All the nice touches that put lfgss above any other forum for usability have gone.

    When we moved from the old forum to the last incarnation of the old one I felt the same but that was just the shock of the new and it turned out brilliant once I got used to it. This has not been the case with microcosm and I don't think I will get used to it. It saddens me as, having not been hugely prolific, I still have spent 6 years as an active member and have met good people and learned great things from the forum. I'm not flouncing but I definitely do not feel the urge to check the forum any more.

    Sorry Velocio, it's only my personal opinion and not a dig or an argument just saying what I feel.

  • Omar, I agree. Not to every point, but quite a bit.

    There are lots of improvements that are paying off already, namely just how good it works on mobile and how good photo uploading on mobile is, etc. PMs also feel better, the ones that have become conversations are easier to find, respond to, and feel connection with.

    But there are also bad things. Classifieds is really difficult right now, it's still hard to see what something was in response to, the design is taking some time to get used to now that it's being used heavily.

    What you've got to bear in mind is that with vBulletin it took me years of tweaking to get it to be awesome, and even then it had rough edges.

    This is improving faster, but it's a brand new build and we still have a long way just to catch up with what you expect based on past experience (a very mature desktop based forum) and other experiences (how Facebook, email, etc all feel for communication).

    In the past 18 months we've built a crazy amount, and we had tons of UX testing, people involved, test periods with open forums and feedback welcome... yet we've probably learned more in the last 3 weeks than all of the 18 months before it.

    We do have a lot of things on our todo list, we'll work through them.

    I also really need to get the new classifieds off the drawing board and delivered.

    All I can promise is that I'll carry on working long days to make changes big and small to make it better. I'm just glad you took the time to let me know.

  • Screw the classifieds, for a long time it's been too fast moving and full of profiteering and lowballing twats. Maybe if it's hard enough to use it will end up like it used to be, a bunch of mates selling stuff to each other and bitching about Hilary not replying to emails.


    Also those screenshots of different scales crack me up... They all look the same to me, you fontphiles are weird.

    (This is the thread for random comments rather than trying to be helpful right?:)

  • Forgive me if it's been posted before - this thread is moving pretty quickly at the moment - but are there plans to add dates/times to individual posts, and does it irk anyone else that you can no longer access that information?

    It was nice to be able to see when a thread was started as when it was most recently indiviudally updated in VBulletin, especially in Classifieds so to avoid the feared mega-dredge. Certainly in threads I'm not au fait with, it'd be nice to see when the last activity was so you know if you're likely to get a response or not/if there has been recent discussion. It's also useful to know when things have been posted for time specific things - people communicating before rides/beers, chatting about live events etc.

  • You can see this info if you click on the "n time periods ago" line.

    I discovered this entirely by accident a few days ago.

    Edit: incidentally, that's the kind of feature that it'd be nice to make configurable - I don't really like the Twitter-style "n time periods ago" format on forums for the reasons Thross gives above and I'm always going to want to prefer to know the precise day and time of posting instead, so it'd be great to have some kind of config switch for me to choose between the two

  • Nice discovery!
    That should have a pointer or help cursor to indicate that it is more than just text. At the moment its just an i-beam.

  • you don't even have to click, if you hover, it shows the other option in a box.

  • Indeed, click is mostly for mobile/touch devices as they lack hover text. But clicking will toggle all of the datetimes (except for event ones where only non-relative time is shown).

  • ^^ This is true, but there is a delay in the rendering of tooltips (on my Chrome, anyway). I am a very busy man, yo, and I like things to happen as soon as I instigate them. I am definitely not interested in waiting for a few milliseconds for them to pop up each time. Especially when one click switches the date format on ALL posts on the page, instantaneously.

    Edit, my typing is such slow

  • Hmm, I can't see that at the mo (although you can blame IE8 at work for that) I'll look again when I'm back to the normality of Chrome at home, but it sounds like my issue has mostly been solved. Thanks chaps.

  • It shows no times for you?

    Do you have a screenshot?


    That's my screen at work, but as I say, I assume it's just the fault of running outdated IE. Also can't upload images using IE either!

  • Interesting, the JavaScript hasn't run... there are date stamps next to the #991 post numbers on the right.

    You're not seeing them because IE is throwing errors on the page.

    I'll look at doing the work on the server too so that even if JavaScript errors occur you will still be able to see the times.

  • Yeah it does often say that there are errors on the page, but I just have to put up with it by virture of working for a company with incredibly outdated PCs/an inability to update my browser.

    Thanks for your efforts though, I know writing code to accomodate old and new browsers is meant to be a pain, so the effort is much appreciated.

  • I just worked out how to quote. It's really nicely done.

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Do you remember that time when EVERYTHING changed...?

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