1993 Merlin Extralight

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  • Great looking bike and lovely photos!

  • As above. I always fancied a Merlin MTB back in the 90's, I really like the combination of the red and the grey. Reminds me of some of the Specialized stumpy's back then too.

  • Actually I'm mistaken, something like this green one with Umma Gumma's. Anyway the Merlin rocks, top work.

  • so nice, i really want a pair of these bars, are they hard to come by?

  • The model I think was called - Scott Drop-in 2.
    If you search for
    Scott Drop-in handlebars on eBay you will find them.

  • Is there a function to them other than more variety of hand positions?

  • See post #18 on the previous page:

    It's a typical bar from the era when all sorts of aerodynamic experiments were done. In theory Scott figured that it would provide the rider with an aerodynamic position with a low torso and the arms close to the head tube. In reality it proved to be a platform to show that they sponsored Greg Lemond (the only rider in the European pro scene who used these bars, though I've never seen him actually use the extensions).

  • I've actually seen a pair of these advertised recently on an Irish website. Would it be against the rules to post a direct link?

  • I had a pair on my courier bike in 1997/8. Slightly embarrassed to say I eventually cut them down.

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  • Noooo, where are the drop ins!?!?

    I was hoping you’d have added one of the extensions for the drop ins!

  • I moved them to this project...

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1993 Merlin Extralight

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