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  • I was reading recently on an urban fashion blog that capes are going to be the next big thing...

  • Branded that shit!

  • wow Salmonchild!

    Are you in the industry? You have some fabulous ideas.

  • hey Mast, ignore these piss takers, always happy to help a brother out, this isn't final art work but i have a go for you, the repeated pattern around the words is suppose to signify the 'infinity' of yor name, and the logo incorporates a sunrise to symbolise the dawning of a new dawn of street clothes

  • Illustrators gonna illustrate.

  • I don't know how to say this, but when you stand upside down and look at that logo it kind of looks like a giraffe with really boney knees...

  • ...when you stand upside down...

    This thread is so far gone this just passes without comment.

  • This thread is so far gone this just passes without comment.

    no it's just that part of the DINO-WEAR range is trousers with opposable pockets for when you do flips and stand upsidedown- keeps your wallet safe innit

  • 1860er.


  • what does "doing lions" mean?

  • lol

  • hahahha!!!!!!!

    generally. :)

  • wow, this thread was worth going back for

    • 1 on the Infinity cape
  • thread deserves a bump for being pure gold

  • wha about this one

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  • I'm not entirely sure who's yanking who's chain, but I'm enjoying it: consider everyone repped.

    :) xx

  • who is 1860'er than who though?

  • wha about this one

    It's not loading for me.

  • it's not loading for me.


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  • O_o

    Is this real life?

  • It's not loading for me.

    I've doubled the size Greenbank, might make it load better?!

  • I liked this one the best.

  • Stop cutting in on my trade guys.

    @Mast- did you get my PM with the partnership contract? I think 70:30 ownership is fair given that I have done most of the work so far.

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Which logo

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