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  • Cool, glad it's getting sorted.
    What you gonna do about respray, same colour?

  • Dunno. This will be its fourth respray. Tempted by pink.

  • Can't fault you on that choice of colour.

  • Last photo of this before it gets broken down for repairs.

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    • IMG_20220518_191235.jpg
  • This is going to Winston for chainstay repairs this week. Ral 4003 frame respray (keeping the fork ral 4005). Synth Gecko green tape for that old-school Geekhouse look once it is repainted.

  • I don't have the software to open an EPS file, but also have this file of OG logos that I need to find someone to cut for me.

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  • Happy to save one of the logos out for you, see screengrab of whats in the file.

    Feel free to shoot me a pm & I'll sort you a file for print.

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  • Awesome - thanks!

    I would like the pink geekhouse logo that is in the lower left corner and the TEAM MUDVILLE logo that is directly to the right of it (third up from the bottom on the right corner).

    Really appreciate your help!

  • No worries at all - I'll pm those over to you!

  • Is one of these what you need to cut logos?

    I’m pretty clueless about it but it’s a vinyl cutter that usually lives at my other half’s print studio but is currently on the kitchen table

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  • I am clueless too! Fortunately I think I have found a pro to cut them.

  • Just dropped this with Winston. First time I have met him. What a nice man!

  • He really is!

  • As well as being a lovely bloke, Winston is the fastest frame builder I have ever met. Chainstays repaired and ready for collection.

  • Voila

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  • Picked up from Winston yesterday. The chain stays look beefier than before, if anything.

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  • Dropouts

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  • BB cluster

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    • IMG_20220618_080116.jpg
  • Question for @hulsroy

    Either paint that has been stripped back or something from the brazing process has got into the threads for the cable guide on the bottom of the BB. Will that just come out when the frame is shot blasted? Or does it need something else to sort it?

  • I'd just clear coat that!

  • Get it blasted and ask (presume you're gonna use Aurum) them to tap the threads after powder coating.

  • He gave it to you like that? It has flux all over. Put it in water over night to get rid of the flux. Remember it is mostly boric acid so don't touch it without washing your hands afterwards and take care

  • Winston doesn't put steel in water, he just gets it blasted off before paint/powder.

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Geekhouse Mudville

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