Offered: Dalsnibba frame in support of Rob English

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  • Rob English, award winning frame builder and nice chap was riding in the Tour of Aufderheide when his bike left he road on a fast descent and he hit a tree.

    His injuries include multiple broken bones and he remains in hospital, with doctors saying that his recovery is going to take a long time, which will also prevent him from working.

    An appeal has been launched to try to soften the blow to him and his family, and as part of this Matt and I want to offer one of our Dalsnibba (or Trollstigen) race frames for auction to the highest bidder - all money received will go to Rob's fund.

    The frame in question is a mixture of Columbus MAX, Spirit MEGA, Zona, swaged 853 and Paragon Machineworks.

    For calliper brakes the model is the Dalsnibba:

    And with discs it's the Trollstigen:

    We'll build the frame for the winner, geometry will of course be specific to whoever that is.

    I'm unsure of the best way to run this auction - I want it to be totally transparent, but equally I don't want to pay eBay 10% of the money that could be going to Rob.

    So for the meantime please either post in the thread (if you are happy to have your bid in public) or PM me and I'll publish the bid as "Anon 1" etc.

  • Very generous of you and it reminds me of our end to end accident when Ian ended up in hospital with 5 vertebrae fractures. He had excellent care in Glasgow spinal injuries unit, so i can understand the pressure on his family and friends right now.

  • Would it be easier to run a raffle?


  • If auction, I'll start the bidding at £500

  • £600

  • £850

  • Is there a link to the appeal? No way I can afford to bid on a frame but I'd like to help in some way.
    Fantastic idea for an auction, some really generous people on here.

  • £900.

  • Is there a link to the appeal? No way I can afford to bid on a frame but I'd like to help in some way.
    Fantastic idea for an auction, some really generous people on here.­b45/rob-english-s-medical-and-recovery-c­osts?utm_source=facebook

  • When is the auction running until?

    I'd like to know when I can get measured for my new frame...

  • £950

  • 1st of August?

  • Can't help but feel I'm not going to win this. £1000.

  • £1200 - can't wait to put risers and thumb shifters on my new custom frame.

  • August 1st is a long time. If that is the finish date.... I'll be back :)

  • Ok, I've put this on eBay:­sPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m­1555.l2649

    As that seems to be the easiest way of managing the auction process - it ends next Sunday now.

  • I believe (at least on the US eBay site last I looked) there is a way to state that the auction is for charity and eBay waives the fees accordingly. it may be worth looking into, as 10% of a lot is 1/10th of a lot. which is a lot.

  • I did look at that, only way I could find to do that meant nominating one of their listed charities to receive the funds- and Robs appeal wasn't there.

    If someone knows better than I do on this (which, let's face it, is likely) please speak up.

  • I'd rather the "ease of use" factor of eBay- almost everyone has an account, it's searchable etc etc.

    In other news, I posted about this charity auction in the Pedal Powered section of Pistonheads and they deleted it almost instantly.

  • apparently, you may be able to go through the steps to get your charity "listed".

    according to here:­harities.html

    you can sign up for a "paypal giving fund" that is free, here­ity/

    It looks to require of officially paperworking and banking accounts, which in turn may require you to re-start the auction. not sure if it then gets any benefits from ebay (e.g. extra promotion or the like) that would make it worth while. but that's what I found.

    Apologies if this is redundant information for you as well :-) Either way, 900 pounds in a little over 12 hours is nothing to shake a stick at for an ebay auction!

  • This is such a great idea, but perhaps not everyone realises the relevance of this.
    Rob comes from Bracknell originally, and raced locally for years. He also raced HPV and built his own fully faired bikes. He has raced many disciplines and all over the world, and is also a really keen cycle tourist, have a look here
    He designed and built a Kingcycle Mango which he rode to a speed of 67 mph over 200 metres, but in a later run topped 70, only to get a speed wobble and crash sliding across the finish line.
    High Speed Streamlined Bicycle Crash! - YouTube­html
    He designed and had made a Spectre MTB, which sadly never went into production­.html
    He crashed that too, (see a pattern emerging?) damaging the carbon rear seat stay. He gave me the frame which I repaired and it is now my touring bike.
    Giving me that bike underlines Rob's extraordinary generosity. He and I spent many frozen saturdays coaching kids, I did it because I had kids, he did it for the love of it.

    Please donate a few quid to help him through a difficult time.

  • Bumping this for all sorts of obvious reasons (good cause, great frames, etc)

  • Great cause. Nice one guys.

  • Could anyone with a social media presence (losers) please share the ebay ad, the more people who see this, the more money Rob gets.



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Offered: Dalsnibba frame in support of Rob English

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