London to Hastings, date TBD

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  • ^^That particular square is currently boarded off due to the building above it falling down....

    .... only in Hastings

  • So is this definitely 30 August? I've been keeping an eye on it but he heading hasn't been changed. - If so, can't make it!

  • The 30th is definitely The Date I'd Like To Do It [TDILTDI], but it depends on the weather, so we won't know for sure until very near the end of the month.

  • well I won't be praying for rain so it gets rescheduled because I'll be walking up Snowden with the missus.

    Mind you, if it pisses down in the south and it's dry in North Wales...


  • Hmmm, Snowdon, wonder what that would be like to go up...
    (Probably too far away to add it to the ride.)

  • Preparations continue...

    As cycling is a pretty safe activity I don't anticipate needing my organ donor card. However, I am considering bringing this along, just in case:

  • Tempted to join a group ride to visit the parents. assuming the parents are actually in Hastings. Might check.

    Gears allowed for this one? Last time I rode to Hastings the route was slightly different and the weather awful. Wonderful trip!

  • Gears definitely allowed.

  • It's too early to call it weather-wise, but so far this weekend is looking doable. My only question would be, can everybody make either Sat or Sun? Sunday is shaping up to be the better day.

  • I can't make Sunday as I already have a commitment.

  • Fingers still crossed for Sat, which is my preference

  • I'm in either day!

  • Welcome Sole. Cafewanda - I'd hate to lose you, but Sunday is continuing to look better. More sun, less wind (which would be nice on the final stretch, which is flat but a good dozen miles much more pleasant when it's not too blowy). Still, I honestly don't know how many others might also not be able to do Sunday, so it depends on that too; thus my post #59.

  • Yo, I'm in for both Sat or Sun, just let me know by tomorrow early afternoon pls.
    I'm the guy who signed up for it on the forum btw ;)
    Also talking to a less-experienced workmate, how long, do you think, will take us to get to Hastings at a slow-ish pace?

  • This is going ahead tomorrow, the 30th. Planned departure is 9.00. More details to follow soon in another post.

    user48192 - hi there. Difficult to define slow-ish, so unsure how to answer your question. My time for the ~82 miles is six and a half hours, but that's not taking any breaks. Leaving at 9 and allowing for stops & whatnot, I was thinking we'd be rolling into Hastings (very rough guess!) around 6.

  • Meet tomorrow on the northeast side of Waterloo Bridge, at the corner of Somerset House, for a 9.00am departure.

    I'm assuming everybody is comfortable with London traffic. The worst we'll have to deal with is Elephant & Castle roundabout, which sadly offers neither.

    Note that there'll be a small amount of walking through Crystal Palace Park, so as not to antagonise paleontologists.

    We'll be taking a break in Tunbridge Wells, which offers a train station for anybody wishing to cut it short. (There are other opportunities along the way.) I have no appropriate picture for T. Wells. Here's one of a bookshop in nearby Wadhurst, which we'll be passing through. Wally was last spotted fighting off a badger with his walking stick in the high street.

    Pace will depend on whoever shows up, but I imagine it will be… something in the middle. I don't use a computer, so I don't even know what my pace is. I won't trigger any speed cameras, but I don't hang about either. I hope those self-selecting for this ride will be fit enough to not want to dawdle too much (delightful as dawdling can be), but not so fast as to dismay those buffeted by the slipstream.

    This map of the route is 99% accurate. For what it's worth, a long list of the various roads follows. Hopefully I got all the rights & lefts right.

    The home stretch includes a mile or so offroad which my skinny-tyred bike was OK with, but I'm willing to take the road if anybody wants to go that way instead.

    Hastings line is pretty easy-going with cyclists.

    Over Waterloo Bridge
    straight through the first roundabout and past Waterloo Station
    straight at the next roundabout down London Road to
    Elephant & Castle roundabout; 3rd turning,
    then down a short bit, then left down Walworth Rd
    down as it changes to Camberwell Rd
    down as it becomes Denmark Hill
    left at Champion Hill (not far past Denmark Hill station)
    right, still Champion Hill
    left and through park on cycle path
    right at Calton Ave
    left at Dulwich Village
    bearing right at roundabout down Gallery Rd
    left at Dulwich Common, then quick right at Alleyn Park
    left as Alleyn Park continues
    down (or should I say up at this point) to roundabout;
    bear left then right up Dulwich Wood Ave
    right at Farquhar Rd.
    right at Crystal Palace Parade
    left down Anerley Hill
    left into park, then right down toward dinosaurs…
    exit the park at Thicket Rd, left then quick right down the High Street
    down Backenham Rd for a little while, then straight (2nd turning)
    to continue (this is the A222), very shortly right down Village Way
    down as this turns into Eden Park Ave
    left down Upper Elmer's End Rd, which turns into Links Way
    straight at the roundabout down S Eden Park Rd,
    which turns into Beckenham Rd, then Station Rd
    left down Glebe Way; a little way past the roundabout (straight through),
    get on the right to turn right down Kingsway
    straight as this turns into Gates Green Rd, then Jackass Lane,
    then Church Road;
    right at Westerham Rd, then quick left at the roundabout down Downe Rd
    tending right down New Road Hill, which turns into Rookery Rd
    right in Downe Village down Luxted Rd
    continue down Luxted, following it left after a bit
    continue as it turns into Single Street
    left down Berry's Hill
    ---a possible stop at a friend's house right down Berry's Green Rd---
    otherwise, continue down Berry's Hill
    this turns into (ugh) Church Hill, follow right onto Cudham Lane South
    down down down (actually slightly up) as this turns into The Nower
    right down Hogtrough Hill
    right down Pilgrims Way
    left down London Rd (Force Green Lane usually too messy)
    follow London Rd through Westerham then left on the A25
    down a bit, turning right onto Hosey Hill/Hosey Common Rd
    ignore any turn-offs (for example Hosey Common Lane)
    until Mapleton Road after the hill starts going downhill
    down Mapleton & past Chartwell to Pootings Rd (B269)
    follow this as it turns into B2027 then bear left as B-road continues
    turning into Clinton Lane
    right over railroad tracks, quick left, keep following B2027
    right down Moorden Lane, just past Penshurst station
    turns into Station Road
    right down Penshurst Road & into Penshurst
    left down Rogues Hill
    follow Penshurst Road (B2176) all the way to Bidborough
    right down Darnley Drive (nearly opposite the best view to the north)
    bear left, then right down Bounds Oak Way, left at Birchwood Ave,
    right down London Road, turns into St John's Rd
    tending left when you finally get to Grosvenor Rd
    (map incorrectly shows straight at Mt Ephrain Rd)
    wil have to jog around a one-way system but end up at Victoria Place shopping centre

    Through the precinct to Calverley Road, past roundabout, turns into Bayhall Rd.
    around as it turns into Forest Rd, then left down Hawkenbury Road
    follow this through twists & turns to
    left down Ivy Lane, then
    left down Bayham Road
    right down Bartley Mill Road
    … down a hill, then up a couple…
    turns into Sleepers Stile Rd, then bear right at unnamed fork in road, then
    right down Monks Lane
    right down Cousley Wood Road
    enter Wadhurst, left at B2099/High Street
    stay on this for a couple miles then
    right down Stonegate Road, bearing left down Bardown Rd.
    in Stonegate, 2nd left down Cottenden Road
    right down Battenhurst Rd, turns into Shrub Lane
    right up to the Church in Burwash, then left down School Hill
    right down Bateman's Lane,
    have a gander at Batemen's,
    then back down the lane;
    right on Kings Hill Road
    up up up; left towards Brightling
    see the pyramid, then back to the turn off and carry on past the
    old observatory
    right down to Woods Corner
    right then quick left down South Lane
    right at fork in road to Bodle Street Green
    pretty much straight on to Windmill Hill,
    left down Windmill Hill Road then
    right down Watling Road
    right down Watling Hill/Road
    down down down
    2nd turning at roundabout down Sluice Lane
    right in Cooden following left down Cooden Drive
    can sweep down Harfield for closer look at sea,
    or carry on down Cooden Drive,
    right down S Cliff, carry on into Bexhill,
    right (3d turning) at roundabout down Marina along seafront,
    …De La War Parade…
    can then carry on along rough track or switch to Bexhill Road
    both of which end up on the home stretch into Hastings.

  • Sounds to me like your route is SORTED. Have fun you lot.

  • I'd rep you for the images.

  • Sadly out, parents aren't home! Have a good ride, enjoy the SW breeze on the way down...

  • Oh and I would really suggest the road into Hastings rather than the track along the beach. Road is a bit horrible, but the track could be entirely covered in pebbles depending on when it was last cleared. You can get back to the seafront bike path just after the rail bridge down the side road. That may be clear in my head...but I am sure its obvious.

  • So many people out, I'm honestly thinking it might just be me! In which case dinosaur sightseers will feel the hail from my wheel as I race through Crystal Palace, the cops hot on my tail, trying to reach the border to freedom.

  • Lets take the n+1 issue to a different level here, where anothersam is the 'n' and you are reading the +1 bit. Who else will be a brother in crime?

    Btw: there might be a few people on bikes even at that time there, how are we going to make sure we meet there?
    I'll have a red cycling jersey and black shorts, will anybody be wearing one of these by any chance?­3304.jpg

  • 'The N+1 Ride' is a great name.

    I look roughly like the picture here (not the floaty one), without the glasses, which I only use when I really really need to see.

    One question: if I see someone wearing this, which side should I ride on?

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  • Get a sitter - she looks reliable

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London to Hastings, date TBD

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