Post your negative rep from Jeez here.

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  • Since he's busy hovering over the forum, nerging everyone he see fit, he gave me an ideas;

    I think it's sort of awesome that Jeez is a ghost now. I haven't got any neg reps from him, but I do enjoy the stories..


    Post your Jeez nerg here.

  • I think you should keep what you have between you special and secret. Some posts it's nerg at first sight and others it takes time.

  • But the problem is that the comments are blank (I think, at least mine was).

    here was the post, it was a while ago:

    I agree and, in fact, it doesn't even seem like he is buying all of the lopros. He is just looking* for one and not finding it.

    What's that have to do with the liberal media eating caviar and toasts while us real working men and women struggle to make ends meet paying taxes so the work-shirking student class can afford their dreadlock wax though?

  • Tough one. If I had to guess, however... He's probably got poo dreds and your post reminded him of them.

  • Here's my little archive of sweet nothings from the cretinous moral maniac.

  • DV - c'est quoi?

  • DV? Double Vaginal?

  • Dark Vampires.

    Jeez is a Twilight fan.

    RPatz in particular.

  • Domestic Violence, obvs.

    Because I disagreed with a shitty article in the Graun, then stupidly enough, spelled it out point by point why it was a shocking article, at which point he just picked up his ball and put me on ignore before starting the negging spree.

    Seems reasonable.

  • I'd neg you all again in a second!!!!

  • Shit, wrong profile

  • I have this one as a blank nerg and this one saying you caught me in bad mood. Other than that I have 3 positives, including this which is apparently the funniest post ever.

  • I've only got one neg rep off Jeez, but over 20 positive reps, cheers bro!

  • negged for being complicit in belm-approved behaviours.

  • first was for this when he complained about the Simpsons Quotes thread. Second for this.

    Both quite short though, no essays or tirades. I do like that he put me on ignore and then must have taken me off to view and then neg the second post.

    Jeez- I just unignored you to see your rep but found no activity/opinions since you left for a while. Bit of a shame as some of what you wrote was amusing.

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  • He once posted something basically suggesting that if you went out on your bike without a helmet and somebody drove into you and injured you, you would have been asking for it. He nerged me with "rape jokes are not appropriate here" after I mocked him over it.

  • Never had any form of rep from Jeez, which is surprising cos I'm fucking hilarious like.

  • Oh, I forgot I also got 0 repped for this one. I think it was negative because his comment was 'i disapprove'. I can't be sure though, of course.

    Before that, I assumed his main problem was: "Jokes" but that post wasn't funny so there goes that theory.

  • I don't get this forum anymore.

  • lol

    just got another '0' from him with 'I disapprove'.

    Give Jeez a chance indeed, inglorious twunt.

  • I don't get this forum anymore.

    I agree, this thread is absolutely shit.

  • So you both think his new phase of passive aggressive trolling, after weeks of over the top wind up overt trolling, is normal or otherwise reasonable behaviour?

    The guy might be ok in real life but on here he's a fucking creep.

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Post your negative rep from Jeez here.

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