Dawes Cougar: Mutton dressed up as lamb.

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  • His and Hers

  • omg these make me want a new bike. Badly.

  • His and Hers

    My mum had this bike!!

  • my lugged mtb hasn't got a horizontal top tube, im pretty upset im not bang on trend.

  • Damn, gurl! etcz

  • A stumpjumper/ rock hopper sport- in bits 18" and with the right mudguards. This was going to be my Retro bike project
    A trek -16"
    Claude Butler spectre.....501 lugged and a bit later than the bikes posted above. So a bit more nimble. This has become the Retrobike..

    All are steel and all emmiently convertible into a tourer or roadster...

    And varous bits, tyres, bars and wheels ....

    I did have a saracen as pictured above....

    The trek, would suit a small person 5ft -4ish.. Not sure about selling the specialised, but space and funds may require it

    I will rummage .....

  • and this bad boy. seller has had it up for a while, think he would take an offer. rad paint, the soundtrack above would also be applicable.


    This is the guy who selling that early muddy fox, hes sold a far few cool old mtbs so keep you eye on his shop

  • Just picked up this 80's FW Evans (Saracen conquest). I possibly have some bike hoarding issues. I plan to build it much the same as the Dawes, but without the racks, mudguards and will be used as a ratty ride, bash around bike. .........The red Saracen and yellow muddy fox will have to go to make room.

  • Looks like a Nitto BMX stem??

  • it could well be. will soon find out when it arrives.

  • Luke, I'm guessing the Saracen is too small for you? therefore too small for me?

  • i think it will be too small...... but i already have a few people interested in it, so it looks like its removed from the equation anyway.

    The Saracen is the nicest frame of the lot(closely followed by the
    Dawes). The yellow and black FW Evans frame i have just purchased is made by Saracen, so i am hoping that it has the same build quality.

  • You'll be pleased to know the Mercian has finally started to progress.
    I've got the wheels, brakes, stem and cranks sorted :)
    But I need to take it to a frame repairer as there's a few minor things that need sorting.
    Current Projects thread should start soon.

  • looking forward to seeing the CP. glad you didn't sell it. it is a rather special frame and took you ages to find it.

  • so. in a strange coincidence, luckyskull and I were bidding on the same dawes cougar (similar to the one on the this thread). after a fierce bidding war I secured the bike for a shade over £50. Bargain.

    Frame, wheels, cranks look pretty original, everything else seems to have been swapped out for shitty plasticy bits.

    i will be changing the stem, bars, brakes, pedals, saddle and maybe a set of orange wildgrippers.

    just bought a rolls from Apollo, LX Vs from retrobike. short SR stem and some high risers from ebay. will update pics when the bits start arriving.


  • Looking forward to it.

  • looking forward to seeing how your build turns out Brameses.

    mine is coming along. was working on it tonight. mudguards fit fine. will take some pictures in the morning.

  • A little progress. Think i will swap the mudguards for the 50's alloy ones and find a canti mounted front rack for a bar bag.

  • Looking cool. Are you going to get a re-spray? including the rack?

  • i am thinking about it. i wanted to put it together first, see how it rides and handles. then maybe a repaint......at very least the rack.

  • It would look great with a repaint but it is quite a large extra expense I guess.
    Actually just the rack sprayed black might look pretty nice.

  • looks great, reminds me of that marron bike scoble used to have

  • i don't think i have seen eds marron. any pictures?

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Dawes Cougar: Mutton dressed up as lamb.

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