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  • Hi All,
    I'm looking to profile some university students who have chosen to cycle as their main mode of transportation while at university, and was hoping some of you would be interested enough to help out. I'm doing this to create content / case studies that would compliment cost analysis to give to the press as supplement material for any upcoming back to school stories.

    What it would entail would likely be a 15 min phone conversation / or i could email you some questions, which i would then write up and you could approve. I'd probably also like to arrange some photos.

    I'm doing this as part of my role at CTC, the national cycling charity. If there are any students out there that want to help spread positive messages about cycling by means of letting me profile you, please let me know!

    many thanks, j

  • anyone? bump...

  • When I was a student (2001-2009, two cities), I cycled everywhere unless incapably drunk. Any good?

  • Hey I am Uni student at Greenwich (Medway Campus) And I cycled about 30-40 miles a week to my Rowing club, and to shop etc, and I am currently home for summer working in a bike shop. Can give you my email if you'd like.

  • Stern, that'd be great. I'd appreciate it!

  • Any females out there willing to be part? I would but I did uni in the 90s in canada so probably NOT going to be super accurate - plus I certainly do not look like a student anymore (unfortunately)

  • Student here. Can't be bothered to pay £££ to be stuck in traffic for 45 minutes/ Tube journey.

  • Speak to Henry / eyebrows too.

  • And mark horatio! A career student.

  • Hi Nielsen, may i send you the questions?

    @L&W I've got Henry already, great answers too!

    Really looking for a female voice!

  • I've been a postgrad part-time for the past two years.. am also a female .. I'd be happy to answer questions if you think I fit the bill

  • YAY yes please ms. blowfish. will PM you! many thanks

  • Sure. PM away. :]

  • Yep. Student on a bike. PM me questions and I'll answer them.

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Students who Cycle

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