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  • I've never posted my Baramon in here. Figured I should at least once while I still own it.

  • So, now , I own njs frame too :) thats cello with 3rensho lugs

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  • Does the activity in here suggest we’re witnessing a resurgence in NJS brakless street whips? Or did it never really go away?

  • hope so, for me, Ive got pretty much everything njs but a frame for an njs one, lets see when one rolls into sight...

  • Nah, just spring/summer getting closer.
    Every time the weather turns nice I find myself looking through NJS export for a sparkly street whip.

  • damn, such a sweet thing, gotta lace my pro max up again too

  • Newfound Nitto NPII prompts postage...

  • How could it go away?

  • See what killed fixed wheel thread

  • Latest build,

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  • Beautiful paintwork...looks immaculate.

  • CX NJS from the bluelug blog today.

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  • Just gonna leave this here as it’s quite popular with NJS frames.

    Selling front brake with an adapter to install on a fork to have a front brake.
    No need to drill a hole.


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  • Out of interest does anyone know if there are any restrictions on NJS gearing options? Is there a gear inch limit or a restricted use on certain sprocket or chainring options?
    Can you get 12/13t & 45t/56t NJS stamped parts?

  • 13 da yes big ring not so sure havent seen 56t njs but have a look on njsexport maybe they do

  • i think DuraAce might, i have a 54 njs stamped ring so why not 56

  • Joe Truman said he was limited to 55x14 as the biggest gear for his recent keirin season.
    13t is definitely NJS so that might mean the gear is limited on rollout.
    Think I spotted a 45t DA NJS chainring and Sugino make Zens larger than 55t but are not NJS.

  • new front hub


  • Buy my NJS steed please. Or just give me £1000 and don't take the bike. I love that thing, but I need money.


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