For Sale: Surly Cross-Check 52CM Black

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm saving up for a custom frame, which is going to be quite similar to the Cross-Check, hence me selling it. I purchased it a few weeks ago from 'on here' and have done nothing with it.

    It's in fantastic condition, and comes with a Cane Creek headset which is running nice and smoothly. No dings or dents, the frame is 100% true. 52CMs in size and the geo can be found here.

    I'm not sure which year frame it is, however you should be aware of the fact that it has the older style forks without mid fork eyelets. It does still have rack and mudguard mounts on the rear of the frame and mudguard mounts on the fork.

    I should also add that there are no rear dropout adjuster screws, however it's fairly easy to pick a pair up. Given the missing screws and the lack of mid fork eyelets, I'd like £190 which I think is reasonable considering the condition of the frame. I paid £215 inc postage so I'm losing a little bit due to the lack of screws.

    I'm based in N1 so the frame can be collected from there or I can drop it anywhere centrally within reason.

  • Very interested in this, do you have the seat post collar?

  • Replied to your PM.

    For everyone else's benefit, no there is no seat post collar.

  • Easiest sale ever. Thanks mdizzle.


For Sale: Surly Cross-Check 52CM Black

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