CAAD10 Liquigas

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  • We're going for a ride on Sunday I think, so will let the people know via Instagramz, n shit.

  • *** now for sale***
    It's been quite a while since I updated this thread!

    I'm going to be keeping this bike inside during the winter, in the process of building a winter beater.

    A few months ago I was looking for a car project, something like a Mk1 Golf but I really don't have the time at the moment to take on a huge (and expensive) project, so I decided this bike is going to be my winter project and my 'main' project in general.

    Since my last update I've ridden this bike roughly 30 miles a day 6 days a week so it's had a fair bit of use. My decision to take this off the road also came after the sheer amounts of corrosion infested frames I've recently had to strip and powder-coat, this ain't happening to my precious caad.

    Bike is currently running very nice but I've given everything a good service and replaced any parts that needed it. I haven't touched the bottom-bracket because in all honesty BB30 is something I'd like to leave alone unless it desperately needs attention. Since my last update I've changed the wheels (currently Mavic Askium and Shimano rear.

    I'm just going to chip away at getting this as good as it can be, here's my plans;

    . fit matching innertubes
    . fit Vittoria Open Corsa gumwall tyres
    . replace rear gear cable for black one
    . replace cable crimps with green or black
    . paint the little red detail on the shifters green
    . fit matching Zipp stem + seatpost
    . fit matching alloy bottle-cages

    I'm going for the uncluttered and any logos will be subtle, I love the black on black Zipp stems. I've destickered the rims and think they're quite a good match!

    So far that's my plans. Wouldn't mind another wheel-set but something proper, possibly grey TB14s on some majorly skinny hubs, no sure which yet.

    I think gum-walls will really transform this bike, it's crying out for them.

    I'm also really unsure as to whether to remove the bike of it's safety warning stickers etc. Part of me says 'no, keep it OEM and original' where the other side says 'take them off, the frame will look a whole lot cleaner and simpler'

  • Lovely; hope it goes as per plans. Personally I wouldn't put gumwalls on this colour scheme but its your bike. Zipp finishing kit is lovely. I have just used acetone to get rid of white logos on mine. Works treat. Given its your best bike put King Cages on it! TBH Silver aksiums do look good esp with those calipers.

  • +1 to keeping black tyres.

    Gum walls will just look odd. Maybe if they were on carbon tubs, but otherwise stick to black.

  • Zipp black logo finishing kit would look ace, and +1 on the black tyres

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CAAD10 Liquigas

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