CAAD10 Liquigas

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  • After just over 6 months of searching for a CAAD10 54cm in Liquigas scheme just frame + forks I've finally found one.

    It won't be here until Monday but I couldn't contain my excitement.

    I'm gonna start ordering parts tomorrow...

  • WOOOO. Get it built fast and come play.

  • Haha, hoping to get it built up real soon! Frame is on it's way to me and will be here Monday. Comes with seat-collar, mech hanger, headset and new BB bearings so quite a lot there.

    I was just about to place some orders on new parts but thought I'd just have a quick rummage through my parts bin before, here's what I came back with..

    Also got seatpost but it's not pictured

  • What wheels and group you thinking? Look forward to seeing it built if for no other reason than you've been so desperate for one for so long!

  • Group will be SRAM force/red mix and wheels will be 50mm carbon clincher of some sort :)

  • Some parts I've collected...

    I've spent way too much this year and was just trying to tighten my belt a little sigh and this came along. I'll be upgrading parts over the winter which will boost the performance and aesthetics, but for now the priority is just to get it built up.

    Here she is..

    The frame has been used for a single summer but I'm really happy that I didn't go brand new. This frame has rub marks from the cables, scrapes from wheel installation and in all honesty I love it, it means I'm going to be able to just ride and enjoy rather than worry about keeping it perfect.

  • noice; what groupset?

  • Force.

    well, everything bar the front mech.

  • lime green bar tape

    has to be done

  • Going to be nice to see one of these in that "colourway" as a custom build, as most you see about are just the standard OTP 105 etc. Looks good already.

  • I got one of these recently (second hand at a ridiculous price)! Rides amazingly and flies!! Look forward to seeing your build

  • Thanks!

    Just purchased some Force brake calipers. Just in need of rear mech, front mech and shifters now. Really not sure what front mech to go for. I had a full Red groupset on a previous bike and the front mech was terrible! Thinking of going Ultegra.

    I've now got a tracking number for the wheels so hopefully they won't take too long...

  • CAAD10s are brilliant.

  • The Force front mech is fine, just the Red was was rubbish (I had one too). I have an Ultegra mech with my SRAM Apex and it works, but I'm not sure it's perfect and I can't remember which model number is supposed to have the right cable pull

  • The new Red "Yaw" front mech (with Exogram crankset) seems excellent so far. No chain rubbing in any of the gears. Tried Ultegra with an older Red crankset before, and they worked fine together, too.

  • This is gonna be good

  • Going to be a beaut, look forward to seeing it finished.
    Built a Caad10 up myself last year , I do have an issue with the 'Cannondale creak' under heavy pedalling load, but otherwise I just love it. Goes "Like shit off a stick"... as they say.

  • The new Red "Yaw" front mech (with Exogram crankset) seems excellent so far. No chain rubbing in any of the gears. Tried Ultegra with an older Red crankset before, and they worked fine together, too.

    While on the small chainring, cross chaining with my Sram Red setup gets chainrub on the big chainring before it touches the derailleur. I have no doubt the yaw thing is a step forward, I've not just seen the need for it yet.

  • ^i get that too, it's a bit annoying that it happens but if I'm using the small ring the difference between the 11t and 12t is a bit neglible. Main use I've got for the yaw is dumping half the cassette coming up to lights and not shifting the front

    Heads up with the yaw font mech though, use a barrel adjuster, they need a tonne of tension in the cable to work well

  • Thanks for the advice chaps.

    Nothing too exciting but just ordered a Ultegra cassette and received these in the post..

    Force rear mech is currently in the post, hoping to get it tomorrow.

    I've just got to find shifters and front mech then I have everything to build this (well, almost... still waiting on wheels to arrive in the UK)

  • Always shifters on ebay or bike radar. Just have a good search and you'll get some for a decent price.

  • I have one of these and it's great, a really good ride. You'll not be disappointed.

  • Shifters purchased! Just waiting for a few small parts to arrive then I can start building this baby.

    Looking to build it myself as it's a new experience with BB30.

    Where do the spacers with the slit in go? Do they fit in the BB itself? (top left)­products/zoom/1329315008-05123400.jpg

    Me and Eyebrows took out his bearings on his CAAD10 and his bb shell look something like this (the alloy thing in the middle with the 2 holes). I can see why you'd need the 2 holes so you could get a thin pair of pliers to bring them together making for a easy removal of the clips.­s-and-gear/components/cranks/12995952179­84-p678fswtsq0p-670-70.jpg

    Mine just looks like this;­10/mark1-002.jpg

    Guessing those spacers somehow fit in there to stop the bearings from being pushed too far in? Logic would tell me they are removable just incase you push the bearings in too far and squash the spacer/stopper thus not damaging your frame, just a small cheap part. If these parts are indeed spacers why don't they have the 2 holes for easy removal? Surely if you tried to remove the spacers you'd just end up pushing it around in circles in the BB shell? If I'm correct in thinking they are for the BB shell how do I get them in?

  • ^ those are circlips aswell, they do the same job as the ones with holes in

    they must just be cheaper to manufacture

  • Shifters on their way to me, should be here tomorrow.

    Dropped a large box of parts and frame off to my mechanic, hoping he can make it into some sort of bicycle. Decided against doing it myself as I'm usually shit with cable lengths and indexing, didn't really see much point in getting top kit to poorly install it myself.... I'll stick to paint-work.

    Wheels not yet arrived sigh but I did find out they are almost here!

    "2014-07-28 05:17:00 UNITED KINGDOM COVENTRY PARCELFORCE Released from Customs "

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CAAD10 Liquigas

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