2014-08-03 - Wild Swimming at Dedham Vale

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  • hey chainbreaker, about your concern for the early departure.. hoe about we both post in the thread in the event of missing the getup, and perhaps initiate a later-riser set off time...

    ... me need rest... ZZzzzzz ps. @Multugrooves the cows are naked aside from fur coverings so you won't be the only one!

  • Surely its free choice as whether one chooses to dip in the nod or not?

    #possibly in

    Very true. But I wouldn't want anyone to be put off because they thought it was part of the plan. Sorry, my jokey puritanism wasn't conveyed well.

  • Considering the forum lurches into the unknown post 2am, it would be prudent for everyone going to have mobile phone numbers of one or two others?
    (yes I realise it's a bit late to be saying this... )

  • Just use http://go.lfgss.com/conversations/125848­/?offset=25#comment4375469 2 am is when data gets shifted so should update from what i gather

  • Looks like it's still updating.. yes.. a WhatsApp Wild Swimming group pls...

    numbers via pms? who's gonna set it up.. me happy to if you all pm me yer #s...

    Oh, but we can still post here..

  • the original forum lives on!

  • but the new look microcosm seems much more mobe friendly... but returning to more on topic discussion...

    ... made it outta bed very late today... hence most likely for the Late Coaches departure time!

    possibly see you at, on, or in the Stour be that clothed, lycraed, or as naked as as nearby cows (!), but... be careful MultiGrooves as there's plenty a tourists and locals by the bridge, unless KT Bee has a more secluded dipping spot in mind? (or is this top secret in case of local bicycle thieves or forum monger spotters?!)

  • not been following microcosm developments ...I think I have a few numbers, but if you pm me yours, I can text if anything changes

  • howrad howrad steady on with the old social media whatsanames...
    I am only suggesting a couple of contacts in case of getting lost/delayed/changeofplans/other.
    (I do not WhatsApp)
    (but I have texted you my number)

  • Howrad, I'm still going to be there early as agreed I'm not strong enough to catch up. Plus missus is stressing about the milage so we might peel off around Coggeshall.

  • alright, will try for 8 too!!

    gonna get ready for bed and attempt a 7am getup...


  • the Ride with GPS route

    is a lot clearer to follow the road names than the medium favoured by the TNRC route database, :-)


  • @CB - sure you're in for the whole ride.. all the way to the water.. (after all, the route goes quite far around Coggleshall, unless you x-country there..)

  • underwent a late-night assault on email backlog and admin...

    unlikely to make 8am...

    wish you a rad ride to the Stour guys, :-)


  • Just setting off, see you guys in an hour

  • We're at the station. 3 mins to train.

    I have a Garmin... I have no idea how it works. I haven't downloaded the route so I'm guessing it's dead weight.

  • have a great day forumengers. I have to be back home by late pm so I'm out. :-(

  • Almost here!

  • ^^ Yay!

    ^ Boo :(

  • Oh, and here btw

  • Bon velo wild swimmers ...

  • Our quick breakaway to make a shorter trip wasn't so much....

    10 miles wasn't 10... Sneaky Garmin took us (thankfully) away from the A12 but meant going thru Braintree Cressing and Kelvedon.

    20 frickin moany miles...

    Awesome day guys!

  • Was that you guys we gave a daft holla to on the green at Toot Hill this morning?

  • It was! Always happy to oblige a seated skid on the grass.

  • Was that you? Shame I didn't recognise some of you. I was puffing a bit at that stage. Bigpaintbrush and I had been giving it some beans.

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2014-08-03 - Wild Swimming at Dedham Vale

Posted by Avatar for KT_Bee @KT_Bee