2014-08-03 - Wild Swimming at Dedham Vale

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  • 80ish fixed-friendly miles from London Fields to Dedham Vale, with swimming at the end for those who want it. So yes, it's the 3rd (well 4th) time I've done this, but I think it is a brilliant route (thanks to Fox and his route fettling) and an amazing spot, so I'm going back.

    Suggest we meet 8am at Inn the Park as it's quite a long ride and worth maximising swimming time. Though it is flat it is quite a long way, and we do it at a pretty steady pace, so make sure you and your bike are up to the distance.

    There's a Co-op and pubs in Dedham for stocking up on beer and food (and a handily placed river for chilling beer), and a National Trust tea shop by the river, if that's your thing.

    Trains back from Manningtree (about 20 mins ride) at 16.19, 16.52, 17.19, 17.52 etc


    I really think this is only worth doing if the weather is ok, so I reserve the right to not turn up if it is bucketing down.

  • I'm thinking maybe 7 September for Clifton Hampden

  • Plans ride to go swimming, bails if its raining?!

    Anyway in :)

  • Yay! Awesome. Hope I'm free.

  • yes!

    1. Katy B
    2. Branwen
    3. Hairnetnic
  • what's your route? bear in mind it's the day of the RideLondon-Surrey100 thing so some roads will be closed from super early, although given that it heads straight down the A12 from the olympic park it might not be too much of a problem to cross it.

  • good point - we stay north of the a12 / olympic park, so envisage it would be fine

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    1. Katy B
    2. Branwen
    3. Hairnetnic
    4. Mule
  • This sounds a lovely idea...what kind of pace roughly (wouldn't want to hold anyone up).

  • social pace I would have thought, ave 12-14mph would be my guess

  • lovely forum ride, I think I am busy that weekend but if not I will be there like a shot. Highly recommended - when I did it the pace was not too quick, and there were sufficient stops. I was geared, most were fixed or single speed.

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  • I think it is probably about 14mph - we do 80miles in 6 and a bit hours. I'm not fast, will be riding fixed, and like regular (but not long) stops. Am sure you won't be holding anyone up.

    1. Katy B
    2. Branwen
    3. Hairnetnic
    4. Mule
    5. conkr (if I'm not away with the missus)
  • Went for a season opener at Hampstead ponds the other day. I raced a baby coot - and the baby coot won.

  • due to be at Wilderness (for lake swimming!), otherwise was about to diarise (!),

    were any of you lot to fancy some pre DD XXIII sea swimming... {thread here}

  • So I'm just floating this ... but there's an awful lot of other cycling stuff on that weekend. I wondered whether bringing in forward to 3rd August, or slipping it to 31 August would get more takers?

    (I also quite fancy the Exmouth Exodus)


  • yes please! would you consider the 2nd instead?
    (I can't actually swim though)

  • Am racing on 2nd, sorry. Is 3rd no good?

  • yeah 3rd ok, 2nd would just mean less fretting on my part in preparation for monday morning, but I can do 3rd :)

  • ^ Prep on 2nd - smugly relax on 3rd knowing that you are ahead of the game!

    3rd is fine for me

  • 3rd is good for me

  • 3rd is good for me, 2nd is birthday so would have been in two minds about that

  • ^^^ not that kind of prep. the mental fortitude kind of prep...
    but yeah, the 3rd is fine.

  • I'm busy that weekend but if rain postpones this I could be up for the 31st.

    Swimming in the rain is actually awesome.

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2014-08-03 - Wild Swimming at Dedham Vale

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