CP: Pimpino disc 29er touring racer

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  • When I bought it it looked like this:


    Then I did this:




    Then it became my beater when cx-season was over:


    Then I saw Svensvin's Pompetamine rear dropouts and thought I could make something similar, but give it gears.

    Object: To get better geometry on Pompino by raising rear triangle, practise brazing braze ons, experiment with rearspacing, experimenting with painting with epoxy and just general curiousity. Uhh and of course get a really cheap disc touring bike.

    Problems: To make room for 135mm rear hub required 145mm rearspacing. This makes heel strike a problem and and I had to dimple the chainstay to make room for the crankarms.

    I have been working on sliding dropouts for a while. I try to make something similar to Paragon's, but more simple.


    I use this system on my other bikes. But for this project I needed to size up to m10 as the track ends on the pomp is for ø10mm axel.

    My first test dropouts are steel, but it's my plan to cut them from 6068 aluminum alloy grade T6.


    It looks like this:

  • Racktime:

    Rack is made from ø10mmx1.5mm stainless steel. TIG welded.

  • Then I removed the paint and started building up the bike:

  • I broke the seat collar and will need to get a new one this week as I am leaving town on thursday. Hopefully riding this packed with all my equipment and luggage.

  • That looks awesome! One raddest on-one bikes I've ever seen. Are you planning to do anything to stave off rust?

  • Yeah I will paint it. But I am going touring for two weeks friday. So it will have to wait until I get home.

  • Just re-read. Kudos for all the engineering and brazing, what is the fork and how much weight do you plan on carrying on the front?

  • Thank you. The forks are Specialized Sirrus alu. Not ideal, but cheap/free. I might build my own frame and forks when I get some more money. I will max carry 20 kgs. But it will probably be able to carry more.

    Just cut some alu sliders instead of the steel sliders.

    Also I just got this top pull fd for it.

  • amazing project. Would you consider building a similar pair or racks to order - have you got an idea of how much that might be?

  • I would love to sort you out, but as I am based in Denmark and my building process and rack design at the moment requires that I have the bike with me when building, it will not work. Also I like to test out my work IRL before taking orders. I am fairly new at frame and rack building.

    I try to keep my designs as open source as possible. Using cheap and easy obtainable materials.
    I can share my cad files with you and perhaps you can alternate the design to make it work with your frame and maybe get a local TIG welder to help you out?

  • nice colour!

  • Or lack of colour ;-)

  • I brazed on the braze on using my Apex fd as measure, but when mounting the cx70 fd I realised that the braze on was to far down and not enough away from the seattube. So I had to modify it. It is truly ugly and franken like ;-)

    But it works...

  • This looks really good :O Ever considered of selling such dropouts so more people would redo theyr Pompinos? :)

  • You did what now?!

    Awesome work. Love the journey the bike took and it's current iteration.

  • Thank you. Thought about selling the dropouts. But it is not really ideal do this. It's not a failed experiment, but there is a lot of brazing stuff involved. And theres a slight heel strike. Also I can only do this as I have access to a waterjet at my work, and using it to fabricate stuff for profit is questionable. ;-)

  • After posting on here M A X got in touch with me suggesting that he could fabricate some for me. If you would be able to send me over the cad files for yours that would be ace!

  • Awesome looking project. I was also going to ask about selling the dropouts but you've answered that one.

    The rear rack looks great.

    Would you be able to post the CAD drawing for the dropouts, or are they already available somewhere?

  • I will find a way to share the files.

  • ridonculous, very impressed

  • Always impressed by people customising frames.
    Epic mate

  • You can totally see how high the bottom bracket is with the chain going upward!

    Why cable stop for the disc? surely a full housing would be ideas?

  • Awesome, epic, fantastic, good work, etc. Really.

  • You can totally see how high the bottom bracket is with the chain going upward!

    Why cable stop for the disc? surely a full housing would be ideas?

    You are right. Bb is way too high. Especially when stopping to read maps it would be lovely to be able too foot down easier when fully load up front. Regarding housing I just had the braze ons laying around and saved time not making my own. Also this serves as a prototype for building my own low trail design later on. For now though this is great and will take me anywhere no problem. All issues will be noted and implemented in a better and lighter bike later in life.

    It weighs in at 12.3 kg inc racks and pump.

  • The big bonus here is that it looks fucking lovely! Functional porn thread, anyone? :0)

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CP: Pimpino disc 29er touring racer

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