• On polished aluminium I use 00-grade steel wool. It's extremely fine and will take of even hard to shift logos. I've also used it on black ano parts but if you're not experienced with it you'll rub though the ano. It'll go to places acetone won't shift.

    I've had even engraved stuff polished out of un anodized kit. Just requires elbow grease and small learning curve. You can buy 00 in most hardware stores. Will also shine up just about any bit of vintage kit like new.

  • Just tried soaking a uno 7 stem in acetone , the decals literally fell off in about 10 mins, completely blank and the black colour is untouched . Nice

  • Anyone knows how this logos are printed?
    I need to polish a handlebar for a restoration and the logo will disappear... How i could "repaint" it?

  • Useful thread bump + additional info:
    If you soak cotton wool with acetone and wrap over the logo (as per original how to) and then wrap with cling film, you get less evaporation and it's more effective.

  • Holy thread dredge, Batman!
    My curious mind was wondering if isopropyl alcohol is any good for this? I'm pretty sure I've got some in my shed somewhere...

  • if isopropyl alcohol is any good for this?

    No, but good for cleaning leftover decal gunk

  • Thought as much. Thanks anyway!

  • Just doing this on a stem so thought i'd give this a bump! Will update with the outcome

    Edit: worked a treat’

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Tutorial - How to stealth / remove branding / logos from alloy stem bars seatpost

Posted by Avatar for Vince @Vince