2014-10-11/12 Lilliput and Back

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  • Despite, or possibly because of, the horrendous weather last year, we are heading out again to the university haunt of Jonathan Swift, as the fresh mornings, and vivid colours of Autumn come upon us.

    We are are riding to his college, Hertford, in Oxford, staying over, and returning by bike the following day.

    Some will be meeting at Tooting Broadway, 9:00am, for the 19 miles to West Drayton station for 11:30am rendevous.

    Others will catch the 11:12am from Paddington, arriving West Drayton 11:36am.

    We will then ride via Iver, Pinewood Studios, Marlow, Christmas Common, Wattlington, and into Oxford, collecting various locals on the way, aiming to ride into the city centre around 4:30- 5:15pm. There will be two 15-20 minute refuel, pit stops, but the aim is to set and maintain a steady pace throughout.

    for the Oxford Brigade, I would suggest that you aim to be at the Fox and Hounds, Christmas Common, OX49 5HL at 3:45pm, as the phone reception in the area is patchy in the extreme.

    Festivities will commence at the Turf, behind Hertford, and then probably move on to the Head of the River Inn.

    I have reserved two rooms at the Holiday Inn Express, Kassam Stadium, a 6 mile ride from the centre, with breakfast included for a very reasonable £47.50 each, two sharing twin bedded rooms. This compares favourably with the cost of the train home, not to mention the shouting and arguments with beligerant jobs-worth rail guards.

    We will then be leaving prompt the following morning at 9:30am, and following the A40 rather than the Christmas Common route home, to hopefully be back in central London around 1pm.

    The overnight is not obligatory, and gears, single speed, or fixed, are all welcome. However, I must insist on brakes, as some of the down hills, especially if we have wind and rain, demand the ability to stop on a sixpence, and you will not be thanked for wiping out a fellow rider, if you cannot stop.

    We shall start as a team, and finish the same way, but if you are not up to 65 miles at a steady 15-17 mph, you are likely to have a pretty tough time.

    Oh, and save the gargle money from the Friday, as there is more than enough beer in Oxford, to make up for the suggested early night, and abstinence, the night before.

    Oh, and a list.

    1. 50/14
    2. Bernie
    1. 50/14
    2. Bernie
    3. conker (with overnight stop)
  • Bump!

  • Been reminded of this by KTBs wild swimming ride. Bump!
    (and yes please to a room [if cnkr is willing to put up with me again?])

    1. 50/14
    2. Bernie
    3. conker (with overnight stop)
    4. branwen
  • Good man.
    "any more for any more?"

  • Yes. Me.

    1. 50/14
    2. Bernie
    3. conker (with overnight stop)
    4. branwen
    5. upstart
  • Time to commit.

    1. 50/14
    2. Bernie
    3. conker (with overnight stop)
    4. branwen
    5. upstart
    6. Dumps

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  • Where is magnet?

  • Gents, sorry to mess you all about, but I have Dublin Marathon on 27th October, and work pressures have kept me away from any serious training until now.

    Can we re-schedule to Saturday/Sunday 1/2 November? The Kassam Stadium is booked out with an Oxford United local derby, but the good news is that I can get a room at the YHA in central Oxford, for six of us, for a measly £25 per head. Less than a train ticket and a mouldy Ginster on the way home, and a a proper there and back ride adventure.

    I hope you can all make it, but let me know soonest as booking training races at the moment.

  • Gah! Would love to but will be in the Yorkshire that weekend! Have fun gents.

  • I'm potentially in.

  • 1st & 2nd November - IN!

  • Hopefully I can meet up with you at Christmas Common pub on the 1st - I'll see if I can rustle up some locals. @Bernie hope the marathon training is going well.

  • Thanks mister, looking forward to seeing you and some of the other "Usual Suspects."

  • So, nearly done with the running, and looking forward to a couple of pints in the finest company, courtesy of the Dean.

    Two lists please. One Day trippers.

    Stay over double trouble crew.

    Com'on, you know you want to.

  • hmm ^ self made lists are a bit tricky on this new fangled microcosm thingy! However, for the record, I'm nursing a bit of a knee injury at the mo. Tomorrow I'll be going out for a short gentle spin to see how it is. I already have my name (and money) down for a 60 mile audax the following Sunday & I'm not sure I'll be doing that. Don't really fancy forking out £45 & then not being able to make it!

    Stay over trouble crew
    Ian (conker) - but can't be certain for about a week

  • Bernie, cheers for the email. It looks like I might not make this one. Mrs Dumps is working all day on the Sunday, so Saturday may be my only opportunity for a bit of domestic time. Hope to catch you and the crew very soon though.

  • OK folks, the above threads and other contact suggest that a single day, and train back, is the most feasible option.

    I will contact the train company to see if there is some way we can be assured of train space for the bikes, on the way back to Paddington. It does mean we will be tied to a particular train, but better than the usual arguments with platform staff.

    Therefore, a train to Paddington at say 8:00pm should find a gap between the day trippers, and clubbers, and also get us back to central London at a decent time.

  • Is this still happening?

  • No interest I'm afraid.

  • Ah thats a shame :/

  • Tis a shame, but on the upside at least I'm not missing out

  • Oh no. Sorry to hear that.

    I ended up with too much to do at home as tomorrow was booked out with family. Poor bikes don't get out to play enough these days

  • No harm done and if I am honest a light trainng weekend after the rigours of the Dublin marathon is not such a bad idea.

    Will get thinking cap on and see if there are any diary gaps between now and Christmas.

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2014-10-11/12 Lilliput and Back

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