Halo Hubs vs Dia-Compe Gran Compe

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  • Hi all,

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this. Did a search but couldn't find anything specific... and the threads I did find are very old.

    I was about to buy a pair of Halo Aero Rage wheels (Black, 36H) then read a few pieces on here and elsewhere suggesting that the hubs are a bit crap.

    So thinking of just buying the rim with a Dia-Compe Gran Compe hub and getting my mate to build them up. Minus spokes they are working out about the same cost as ready made Halo wheels...

    What are peoples thoughts on that? A better option? Or should I just stick with the standard hubs? Or maybe there is something better for the same sort of price?


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    Hubs by a hub making company.

  • Have used Halo hubs for 4 years without any problems, really pleased with their performance. That said, the ones above ^ look like the sealed bearings are of better quality than the Halo's, and better for the money.

  • A few of the older threads on this forum suggested the Dia-Compe were better than the Planet X ones.... but I think that was between 2008 and 2010!

    Any more thoughts?

  • Got myself some Gran compes in metallic red, lovely hubs very well made. Oh and I am 99% sure they would be a better wheelset than the halo hubs

  • Have also used Halo hubs for many years with no problems. This is on road and off road with regular hosing down of bike etc,.
    What problems would a sealed bearing hub actually have?

  • I read that the threads on the axles wear are poor quality and get chewed up easily... is this right? Again, this was on 4 year old topics...

  • For what it's worth, I was considering Gran Comps when I was having my wheels built, but ended up going for All-City New Sheriffs.

    They're comparable in price and have been incredible thus far. They also look really good as they're based on old campy hubs.

  • Been riding on the Aerorage set a year or 2. Used them on the street, on the track and raced them in alleycats and crits. They hold up quite well. Still spinning as before with no noise.
    There are stories about the threading being shit, had no issues with it. Using the right cogs & lockrings, and the right montage lubing and they will stay alright!
    Not the best, but still a good buy!

  • Great, good info, thanks guys.

    Doing my nut in here a bit. I need to by new chainring, chain, rear hub and freewheel (I'm bored of fixed, fancy a change) for my bike. Figured I may as well get whole new rear wheel and new crank arms to match while I am at it.

    Almost none of the things I want seem to be in stock anywhere in the UK, and after reading about issues with Sugino chain line I've been put off those (even though that's what I had when I bought my bike).

    Thinking I should just scrap it all and buy a new bike. My frame is a Charge Plug, so solid, but nothing super special..... but then no new bike in my price range will have parts as good as the ones I'm looking at.

    Sorry, just having a little rant :)

  • Chainring, chain, rear hub and freewheel is no way going to cosy as much as a new bike. Not even close, not even nearly close. Unless you are buying overpriced bling :)

    Your discussion of chainline suggests you're thinking of replacing cranks and or bottom bracket as well as chainring ? What's the story there?

    Regarding hubs, I recommend the ones linked by chak above - they're made by a company that primarily makes hubs; they are defent quality and very cheap. Spend the money you save on a good wheelbuild by a competent mechanic and you'll be winning.

  • Using Halo hubs for about 4 years now, never had a problem. Bearings still run smooth, and they had their share of rain, mud and salt.

    I may be shallow, but I like their nice clean look, with the beautiful alloy bearing cover (unlike the Planet X/Novatec ones)

  • @Cupcakes, thanks for your message. Yes I realised it's not going to cost as much - was just getting a bit frustrated! :D

    Yep, I am going to change the bottom bracket as well. Only because as I need to change everything else I thought I may as well get a new BB too... a small upgrade to something new and better. Cranks... I don't need to change, but again, on this occasion I thought I may as well for aesthetic consistency, as I am changing all the other bits.

    Ok yeah I might consider those Planet X hubs. But I think, for cost and simplicity I'll just get pre-built Halo wheels for now... I can always upgrade the hub in the future and get the wheel re-built.

    Just need to make sure I get a crankset that is compatible chain line wise... as I was going to get a new Sugino Messenger RD2, but (even though that is what I already have) it seems the chain line is wrong... plus the colour I want doesn't exist in the UK!

    EDIT: they are cheap... hmm....

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Halo Hubs vs Dia-Compe Gran Compe

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