• I am in dire need of a digital video recorder, i have an hour of solid footage from the rave in croydon last saturday on a vhs tape and need to convert it into a digital format, i wasnt paid to record but i can offer a small amount of cash for your time and a copy of the raw footage (and a lot of respect)

    Literally one of those boxes that record tv onto a hard drive or dvd will do the job, or those little xbox capture cards will also do the job

  • Please contact me through 079zero8257503 or message me on here

  • I have one of these USB cable converters that you use to connect the VHS to the pc and can then convert them?

    Only problem is you need to download a program (not an issue) but I have sort of forgotten how I did it (issue).

  • Quick question though, how on earth did you record a rave in 2014 on a VHS recorder? Do they even still exist?

  • was it a good do ?
    saw it on tv, looked freakin' ace
    haven't done that since the early 90's

  • i'm old skool init :P it was my fathers camera, i've literally watched the footage back a dozen times, i've got people on my ass begging me to put it online whilst the topic is still hot

    Illegal Rave in East Croydon - BBC London News 15.06.2014 - YouTube

    heres the bbc news report, around 4-4500 people attended not the 1300 reported

    organisers have had that venue for a couple months but refrained from using it because its right next to a major train station and opposite a police vehicle depot

  • I hope i can get this video out, i was held by security of the rave for 2 hours in the morning, they were arguing amongst themselves if i should keep the camera or not!!

  • do you hear about / attend that kind of thing regularly ?

  • I dont attend as often as some people, but i know of at least 2 happening every single weekend for a couple months, i felt like i had to document this one because of the location and amount of people attending on the facebook event (6k)

  • Well if you cant source the player/recorder you can use the thing I have if needed.

    Cant you just take it to a printers shop though? Im sure they do those sorts of things?

  • Managed to find a friend of a friend with a high end hd dvr :D, yeah i had a look into that there a few places that can do it, but the costs are ridiculous, £18 per hour of footage + vat and has to be booked in advance, i'd be better off purchasing my own analogue to digital converter, thanks all

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Wanted: Digital Video Recorder or Analogue to Digital converter to use for one hour £££

Posted by Avatar for ArbenZ @ArbenZ