• Which (if any) amps do you still have available?

  • Its interesting that theres Hi-Fi gear up for sale here. Are there many other folk on the forum who are into high end Hi-Fi?
    My own set up is in a never ending loop of being, er, refined. So I'm often buying and selling.

    Got any pics of the B&W surround stuff?

  • I still have
    Audiolab 8000
    Pioneer SA500
    Akai receiver
    Nad 314
    Cyrus 1

    I still have the cm2's and the cm-c center speaker, will get some pics up in a while.

  • Now have the matching silver sony tuner for the sony amp.

  • Interested in the Audiolab but don't have the spare moniez at the moment

  • New bits,
    Cambridge Audio A1 amp, the cover is pretty scratched but the fascia is fine.
    Cambridge Audio CD34 cd player. Lovely match, sounds excellent.
    50 quid the pair!


  • Is the Sony ta amp still for sale?

  • Interested in Cambridge Audio combo. PMing

  • Sony is indeed still here.
    Pm'd back re the cambridge bits.

  • Big(ish) speakers anyone?

    Acoustic Research AR94's. Not my pic, but aside from a few scratches to the wooden tops mine are identical. Specs here http://www.nrpavs.co.nz/archive/Sold_htm­/AR94.htm

    Looking for around 140...they were $1000 a pair new in the 90's!

  • They look great. Where are you again Dazza?

  • Cheers, I'm in Stratford e15.

  • Cambridge bits and the Audiolab now sold.

    Can do the following
    Nad 314 amp + a matching Nad CD player for 80
    Cambridge Audio Sonata cd player for 70
    Cyrus 1 amp 120
    Akai receiver 60
    Sony amp and tuner 40
    A&R cambridge A60 with the damaged case for 50
    Sony TA1130, absolute monster weighs over 10kg iirc, 100
    AR94 speakers 120
    B&W CM-C center speaker 100

  • Nice to meet you Daz. Thanks again for coming into town.

  • A few more bits to go as one lot.

    Beautiful Yamaha CR-400 receiver (wonderful condition with the wooden case)
    Sony 5520 turntable (barely a mark on the dust cover, lovely condition)
    Castle Acoustics Richmond speakers (cabinets are a bit scratched but solid)

    I think 130 is fair for all three.

  • Kenwood KA3020 SE amp, 60
    Cambridge Audio Azur 640C CD player, lid has a few scratches, 65
    Marantz PM57 amp, 60
    Denon PMA250 amp, tuner (cd player is temperamental and thrown in free) 60 quid.
    Kenwood/Trio KA5700 amp and tuner with wooden case. 70

    I really need this stuff gone in the next few weeks!

  • How much for just the Beautiful Yamaha CR-400 receiver please?

  • Yamaha may have a fault that I only just recognized. Will update with a price if I can sort it out.

  • Keep me posted Dazaa... my work mate who collected an amp off you LOVES it.
    I want to get a cheap but nice set up for my dad and that Yamaha could be the perfect Amp/receiver so please keep me updated.

  • bump for the yamaha , I have one and it's great!

  • Ah the Pioneer sx? Man I miss that receiver, it had everything you could ever need.
    I have a super rare Rotel rx800, which is in the same league as the pioneer and a million times better than the Yamaha, would need around 150 for it however, it really is a beast.

    Will let you know about the CR-400

  • Castle speakers now sold
    Everything else needs to go!

  • wow that rx800
    exactly what my dad had in his system with akai reel to reel and a lenco record deck, brings back some memories trying to the get the dials all reading 12 o'clock to represent perfect reception, luckily he had a rooftop FM ariel so reception was great and hiss free and listening to the tommy vance rock show on friday nights
    from what i remember a great sounding bit of kit

  • I now have a mint Naim 43 pre and 110 power amp and a pair of Tannoy Mercury speakers, not a single mark on either of them although the speakers have a few marks. Looking for 450 the set.

  • 43 ? whats the condition like dazaa ? for the naim pre amp and power amp how much would you be looking for ?

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