• Hung up his RCAs you might say.

  • I saw him in the Leyton recycling centre once chatting to the dudes who work there. Long time ago now though

  • Probably a good salvaging ground.

  • Anyone know how to contact him IRL?

    Just send him a PM?

    I mean, he said years ago that he wanted to stop doing this, so maybe he's succeeded. :) If so, a sign-off would be good, @Dazaa.

  • Hi, have you by any chance got a debut carbon evo turntable for sale? Thanks.

  • Hello, I have inherited some IMF CM2 speakers and heard they might be pretty valuable. I searched for them on ebay and didn't get far so wondered if someone on here knew about these?

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  • awesome thanks!

  • My grandfather passed away a while back and was quite the HiFi enthusiast, so I have various components from through the ages. Before I put them onto eBay, I was wondering if there's any interest from here in any of the items or suggestions for better venues for selling them. I have had a general look for 2H prices, but they seem quite variable (and independent of condition etc) but I'm not here to make a massive profit, just to find good homes for what I think is good kit.
    If there's broad interest I'll put up a dedicated thread but I don't really know which items are the ones of interest. Photos can be found here.

  • Not too much traffic in this thread these days. I would think that the Kefs, Dual and Leak could be of interest. Maybe post in the audiophile thread?

  • Thanks, those are the three I thought would be worthwhile. Maybe the tape deck too (from a quick look on eBay).

  • Kefs are nice.

  • Is it just the one Kef? And is it huge? It looks huge!

  • A pair, they are indeed laaaaaarge. 28 x 17 x 12 inches. Still with their original boxes too, courtesy of the hoarding grandfather...

  • How much is the tape deck please + is it working?

  • I haven't tested it, I suspect the belts will need replacing. It would have been working when it was last used but that was also likely a long while ago.

  • also interested in that tape deck.

  • Pretty sure Nakamichi gear is supposed to be very desirable indeed.

  • Thread dredge, sorry. I’m on the hunt for up to 3 dynaudio BM6a mk1s. If anyone is selling or sees a couple anywhere lmk! Thanks :)

  • A few years ago this was my favourite thread

  • I am also on the hunt for speakers, after some Philips MFBs if anyone knows of a good pair

  • I bought some kit of Dazaa a few years ago. Some nice stuff and kept an eye on what cropped up.

    I thought he was supporting his degree by looking at house clearance stuff and moving it on. Maybe he has completed his degree?

  • Would have liked to have seen Dazza's final system of the few 'special' bits he held onto.

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