Rockifest - polo exhibition/event opportunity

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  • All,

    Tonight at beginners in Newington we were approached by an event organiser for the Rockingham estate. Zuzu was enquiring to see if we would be interested in doing a bike polo demo and a few beginners/taster sessions for the locals to try out. Obviously a lot of the locals have seen us in action and will be curious as to what we get up to. The event is called Rockifest and is on the saturday 30th August 2014, the same weekend as the nottinghill carnival.

    I'm not sure who normally deals with these things (probably something to do with the LHBPA). Please PM me direct. I'm happy to help organise however it would be good to have someone a little more senior to the game involved. Well probably need a few feet on the ground too, as well as bikes for people to borrow on the day.

    This could be a good opportunity for us to discuss getting higher boards round the courts, having a local lock up for brushes/cones/loaner bikes or negotiating lights out times in winter. All good things for beginners and pros alike.


  • Sounds great, Ben! Top work!

  • Ben, you'll be well able to organise this, if you're interested. When you've got confirmation of date and time, start up a thread and get people to put their names to it, or just get a moderator to change the title of this one - have a small one day beginners tournament maybe. You can get people to bring their bikes and put flat pedals on them for beginners to have a go.

    I can try give you some advice about dealing with the Rockingham Estate people, in terms of what you might need to clarify beforehand (e.g. public liability, does the event have it sorted, are beginners aware they need helmets, etc).

    The 9:30pm lights out time for Newington is unfortunately part of the original planning permission conditions for the floodlights - any change to this would require a great deal of work and consultation with councillors in the ward and borough wide, and local residents, and ultimately a change in the planning regulations. I'd love to say a later time could come out of some community outreach but I feel it's unlikely.

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Rockifest - polo exhibition/event opportunity

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