Tourney: Newmarket Open Tournament 14th-15th June REGISTRATION

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  • Registration is now underway for the Newmarket Open!!!!!

    Due an outstanding lack of interest/ help etc with this tournament, format will depend entirely on the amount of teams who register/ sponsors who come forward.

    a) If very few teams register, we'll have a two day shindig on one big court around 50x30 and maybe mix things around on the second day, depending on the vibe. Likely to be fuck all prizes, but some decent polo before the euros.

    b) If i get a decent amount of people showing interest (16teams??) we'll have a legit two day, Swiss rounds and double elim tourney.

    c) If, a massive amount of teams (32?) creep out of the woodwork, we'll have a whale of a time and make this weekend something of polo urban legend. But lets be honest, this aint gonna happen.

    Ive got space for 10 teams to camp free on two small sites. Some space to chill at my place, a decent sized campsite a mile or so away (cheap) and also a travel lodge very nearby.

    So... 45 quid a team via Paypal to
    People looking for a team please show your interest on a separate list, there's a number of people looking for teams.

  • Nice. Like the name change ;)

  • nice poster

  • Poster was going to be a led zeppelin mothership style piece, but my designers got bored :).

    Registered teams

    1. Chansung Ponies

    Interested singletons

  • Might win a tournament at this rate :D

    On a serious note, would this be better on a different weekend? Why so little interest?

  • Is there enough teams on the interested list to do a two-dayer?

    If not, It's up to you if you want to move it. I probably would.

  • I can't commit until I find out about travel, if I can get a lift down I'm in, everyone is leaving it a bit late though. Is it because it's close to the euros? Maybe people don't want to miss England's first world cup match.

  • It's being moved back a bit now. Not sure when but likely august sept. I spoke to the council and they're happy. It took them a long time to confirm the licence and that's why it's such a late registration.
    Also, £15 per person, with probable free camping? A couple of people are telling me this is too much to charge?

  • Seems about average now, especially if you've got court building costs to cover.

  • Its a perfect price shane. I don't think there are people around i guess or interested in playing in a tourney. If it had boards it sounds like an awesome location and fun wkend in newmarket.

  • Didn't see there was a new thread, probably worth messaging the teams on the list in the original thread when you have a new date confirmed

  • I think it must be external factors (euros, hard to get to by train for non-London teams). Price was fine IMO.

    Personally, I am working/busy every other weekend in June so could have done with that one off to do boring chores.

    I also reckon there might have been a drop-off in 'tournament-focussed' players over the last year or so. Brum has as many players as ever, but a much smaller proportion of competitive ones. Feels like it might be a similar situation in other cities. Experienced players have had kids/moved away/got a bit bored and newbies don't want to go to a tournament to lose five games 5-0 anymore.

  • ^something along those lines for me. Dont really have much time at the moment andam losing interest in competitive polo. Also it prob needed more notice and is too close to the euros in an already pretty congested calendar. It does sound like an awesome place for a tourney though and the price is fair

  • Yeh I guessed it was just a tough weekend to attract people, and the unavoidable short notice sucked. Is It possible to add a poll into this thread(mods?) and vote for a new weekend?
    I would do tourney for a few teams but id rather use this space to its potential.

  • Promote it around Europe too (pignonfixe, Bike Polo Germany on facebook, LOBP, contact a few key people directly). People love coming to the UK to play.

    Just IMO.

  • I completely understand peoples lessened interest in tournaments as a whole, but that was exactly why I tried to make this tournament a bit more relaxed and fun.
    Tournaments have definitely become a lot more focused on competitive polo, rather than the community and chilling with polo buddies. Honestly, I can't stress enough how much I'm aiming to make this tourney about the latter (Hence the games, distribution of prizes etc)

  • When we had a National Series, the 10 week minimum notice did seem to contribute to a well-populated UK polo calendar.

    UKHBPA thread >>>>

  • I'm pretty sure this lack of interest is an anomaly, I would be up for it, but am moving out that weekend

  • Re: the comment about newbies: as a rookie myself (playing for about 6 months), I'm not at all fussed getting beat. Without wanting to kiss arses, it's a privilege to be able to play against the best players! The swiss system from the UK champs was ideal as you get plenty of polo regardless of losses. Also, as a newb expecting not to go too far, having a more social atmosphere (w/music, drinks, etc.) sounds brilliant. IMO, a more serious atmosphere would definitely put off the beginners. Looking forward to the Newmarket tournament, whenever it happens!

  • Could you put it on at the same time as the worlds for everyone that can't go, if it gets streamed would we be able to find a way to watch it together?

  • Sounds like a nice idea. But I was kind of thinking of a road trip down to the worlds.
    Other ideas that have come up are just after the worlds? End of summer tournament? Let me know what weekend you guys would like.

  • I'm pretty sure this lack of interest is an anomaly, I would be up for it, but am moving out that weekend

    And I think your right dude, had so many people messaging me saying how much they want this to happen. Just an unlucky weekend I guess

  • September 13th-14th good for all?

  • End of year blow out!

  • That;s good for me Shane. Sorry there wasn't enough interest, I agree it's probably an anomoly.

    I really want this to happen and I want to get really drunk in Newmarket.

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Tourney: Newmarket Open Tournament 14th-15th June REGISTRATION

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