• harsh.

  • I hope that the end of his old chap peeps out of the button fly on his boxer shorts and chafes itself on the abrasive seam of his jeans' fly.

  • i hope he has a zip/forseskin incident

  • I hope after training hard all year he doesn't get picked for Team Sky's Tour de France squad.

  • I hope he hears a creak from his bottom bracket that no matter how many replacements or how much grease.. It just never goes away.

  • I hope he has a burrito for lunch and a big piece gets stuck between his front teeth and he doesn't notice it until he gets home that evening and wonders why nobody pointed it out

  • I hope he chops some onion and garlic, then spends the rest of the evening idly sniffing his finger while watching television, and this is noticed by onlookers

  • I hope he stands on a piece of Lego en route to the loo with a big poo onboard

  • I hope he bends his fingernail backwards

  • I hope he bends his fingernail backwards

    oooft harsh.

  • I hope he bites his tongue accidentally

  • I hope the stray wire from the end of his brake cable pokes him in the fingertip

  • I hope he gets his stubble caught and plucked by the top of his coats zipper

  • I hope that despite asking only for lettuce and tomatoes at the kebab shop a stray bit of onion finds its way into his lamb doner and he momentarily gags as he bites into it.

  • I hope he stands up really quickly after kneeling down and clicks his knee really loudly and it hurts

  • I hope he gets a bit of fingernail stuck between his front teeth and then bites off the end of all his other fingernails trying to get that original bit out.

  • I hope the chilli sauce in the above mentioned kebab goes down the wrong pipe

  • I hope he gets blue ball

  • I hope he gets a job in a mobile phone shop.

  • I hope a menace child runs a trolley into his heels while shopping

  • I hope he crunches through sand in his salad

  • I hope he sneezes after taking a drag of a cigarette

  • I hope his wifi drops every 15 minutes

  • I hope a wasp continues to bother him for the duration of his time in the pub beer garden.

  • i hope he gets stuck in an elevator with Jeez and happens to make a casual remark about Theresa May's apparent lack of motherly qualities.

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