Speedplay Pedal Thread

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  • I know. So was I. Did my sarcasm not come across well? I thought it was rather over egged to be honest.

    Cycling Weekly headline next week..
    "My wife cheated on me with my neighbour because of his shiny pedal axles"

  • Speedplay crew - does anyone have a spare pair of the metal extender plates? Seem totally impossible to find online

  • Apologies if this has been covered, its been a while since i've been on here! Has anyone tried the knock off Chinese cleats, specifically the C spring? If so, how would you rate it between made of cheese and no noticeable difference to the original?

  • Has anyone else tried the new Wahoo cleats?
    I've just tried to adjust the heel in/out screws and broke a screwdriver bit because the screw so tight and now I can't move it at all.
    Never had this issue with the yellow walkable cleats or old v2s.

  • I found some those screws to be super tight on my last pair of (pre Wahoo) cleats. They've not ditched the stupid Philips head for a hex grub screw then?

  • Unfortunately not. I've broken a second #0 philips screwdriver bit as well...

  • Have you tried spraying with WD40 or some other kind of lube before doing whatever you're doing?

  • Used a pair of locking pliers in the end to remove the stuck in screw 1/8th of a turn a time. Replaced it with the old spare grub screw which went straight in.
    Will soak in WD40 next time.

  • Do keep on kovers fit the 'aero' cleats? My 'aero' 'covers' have fallen off.

  • I may have spares you can have. Left or right?

  • Both fell off almost simultaneously! I do have some keep on kovers, but they are at my parents' and I'm in isolation, so was just being impatient in asking really. Might take you up on this if they don't fit though.

  • Fairly sure that the Keep on Kovers are only suitable for the pre-aero Speedplay cleats.

  • Yeah they're totally different cleat body shape.

  • Keep on Kovers seem to fit my "aero" cleats fine! Couple of weeks and they haven't budged.

  • Another broken c-spring today. Anyone on here got the skills to fabricate/3-D print a bunch? This is about the tenth one I've gone through

  • I've been asking about spares for years.

    I think it's more a spring steel punch out deal than printing. Take one to a metal shop and get them to copy it and make a shitload.

  • I think the complication that has been discussed on here before is that the clip has some chamfering which makes the reproduction with something like water jet cutting quite tricky.

  • Is that necessary for successful operation though?

  • If the engineer that designed the part is any good, it’ll have the minimum number of operations to produce a functional part. I’d guess the chamfer is necessary.

  • Have a hundred stamped or cut and spend an hour with a file, sell, profit

  • Or ten mins with this.

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  • You say that but I give you: every car on the roads now.

  • Something similar maybe. That would have too wide of a belt to get at the inside radius of the C spring

  • On the Cyclingtips podcast they said that they weren't going to offer spares for the cleats, but were open to it in the future if it was clear there was demand.

    Chip Hawkins (CEO) and Ian Boswell (sponsored athlete/tester/product development) were on it.

  • Chip Hawkins

    Is there a more U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. name?

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Speedplay Pedal Thread

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