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  • Ideal, thanks.

  • I have some speedplay zero pedals on the way after scoring a stainless set for £35 with cleats. I'll test them out on my commuter and if all goes will I'll move over on the TT bike.

  • Bargain. If you swap the axles and don’t need the stainless ones lemme know - my winter pedals could do with the corrosion resistant upgrade.

  • I'll probably use these on the commuter and buy a new set with long axles for the TT bike. Sorry.

  • I have some spare stainless axles as I upgraded some to shorter ti ones

  • Sweet. It’s a far from necessary upgrade so unless they’re going for beer I’ll probably be too lazy to pick em up 😬

  • I'm in Bristol so would probably need posting

  • My track q-factor (7710) is 136mm and my genesis day one is 167mm, a difference of 31mm. Pedals are 53mm for the 7710 and 55mm for the day one. To get close to my comfortable day one I need a stance of 277mm, maybe a touch less, the 7710/look setup being 242mm. 65mm axles on the 7710 cranks would be a stance of 266mm, getting close.

    Before I drop £180, can anyone point out why my thought process is flawed?

  • I've been using speedplay zeros on my commuting bike for the last week and fitted the wide pair to my TT/Audax bike with the first ride being tomorrow.

    The only disconcerting thing is the cleat housing/walkable cover seems to be rubbing the spindle. It's very shiny where it rubs about 5mm wide. These are used pedals with new cleats. I'll see if this also happens on the new pedals tomorrow.

  • Generally speaking, lower Q is better. Are you sure it's Q factor that makes the Genesis more comfy?

  • Yeah, I'm fairly sure as I also moved over my look pedals that I had issues with on the Argon 18 onto the genesis. The narrow q-factor means I'm pushing a lot of my forces when I'm grinding up hills on the outside of my foot.

    I'm doing a 300k on the Argon tomorrow so I hope this confirms it.

  • I am finally being forced to switch to walkable versions of the light action cleat.
    Does anyone know if the stack height is the same as the older metal non walkable versions?

  • Their site not specify? I'm sure it used to

    This only details different brands.

  • Thanks for those.

    On the Speedplay site the pedal spec sheets show the same cleat stack heights as the non walkable versions.

    Their is no specific cleat spec sheets to make a comparison- only installation and maintenance info sheets.

    This leads me to believe that either everything is fine or that they haven't updated their information to suit the new style cleat.

    I am going to call Speedplay and ask them as I tried the email route already with no response.

  • Had another look and turns out I actually asked this 2 years ago. Read down from here and it seems there's no difference:

  • Thanks again.

    Saved me a call to the States.

  • Can't get the end bolt off a pair of seized pedals I've got. Sad face.
    Got new axles and bearings bought already

  • Try heating it up with a Solder Iron, this can help break any loctite

  • Don't have one of those. Oven?

  • Boiling water poured over it works.

  • iBEEFCAKE!!!!

  • Its a mix of stuck and also sloppy sized bolts that feel like they're going to round with any pressure

  • I just yell at mine until they unscrew.

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Speedplay Pedal Thread

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