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  • My cleats coming loose - the three bolt adaptor plate that fits to the shoe. Loctite? More torque?

  • I'd suggest both, assuming you'd done it properly the first time and the threads haven't been fucked already.

  • I've found that they do loosen themselves periodically. Probably once a year (finger in wind) - regardless of loctite or mega torque.

    I broke a spring whilst out on Sunday (fun ride home). I've not bought cleats for ages - no where seems to stock the older bare metal style zero cleats.
    Do I need to go with the awful yellow ones now?
    Has anyone dabbled with the cheaper off brand ones you can get on Amazon or eBay?

  • Yeah, they don't make them any more. It's just the aero ones now.

  • Broke another fucking cleat on Friday. FFS

  • Gross. They are awful looking and silly money.

  • Welcome to my world. At least you're not in small-town Australia without any spares.

  • In Oz I ordered the Light Action ones because they were cheapest I could find (and they still came from the fucking UK, bastard wiggle.com.au!). They're grey plastic bodies.

  • But... You have heavy action..

  • I'm not sprinting, the terrain is flat and I only use them for 2-4 weeks once every few years. So I'd rather save the £x. Apart from shipping them from the UK they arrived and worked fine.

  • The springs I got with mine were scarily weak and completely unfit for purpose.
    I think the screws were slightly longer than the official ones too but the rest of the bits work OK if you can reuse your current springs.
    If you don't already have any springs I would avoid.

  • got some walkable official road cleats going for a reasonable fee BNIB if your keen.

  • thinking of tryng these on mtb. Anyone with any experience?

  • I used them on a commuter a few years back before I got knocked off and pulled a pedal in half as I went over a bonnet head first.
    They took some getting used to as they’re completely “free float”. No resistance either way whatsoever so feel a bit wobbly but quite enjoyable once you’re used to it.
    No experience on a mtb though

  • Why would you? Stack height looks massive too.

  • Have you tried getting some keep on covers, they protect the cleat so well and provide extra grip whilst walking.

  • I've broken loads of springs and basically never use the cleats without covers. Covers don't do anything except making walking easier. My suspicion is that it's the shoe's sole flexing over time that causes the spring to break prematurely - it was my shittest shoes that always broke the most springs. In my other, super stiff shoes, what I think happens is the cleat body wears out over time and allows the spring to move up and down. Enough of this movement and the spring is twisting. Enough of that and it breaks.

  • Yeah it’s the spring that’s snapping. Not sure what I can do to prevent it. But if what Hippy is saying is that I need new, better shoes, then I’ll just have to do what I gotta do.

  • theory is flatter platform in a more fixed position than flats = comfort over long distances/days. But the free float thing I'm not sure about. and yeh its theory at this point. shimano M520 type pedals I've tried with irritation. maybe time attac actually. now I'm rambling.

  • I used them on my cross bike... weird cause it's like you're not clipped in... loads of float and loved em in the end.

  • I prefer a wider q factor than my 7710 cranks give so use spacers on my look pedals. As they are dying I'm looking at speedplay. Any reason not to buy the cro-mo pedal and an aftermarket longer ti spindle?

  • Nah, I’d look out for the ones with hex sockets on the end of the axles though, some only come with spanner flats.

  • Guess there would be no way to tell if buying from an online shop?

  • I was able to tell from the photos of the eBay listing. Was years ago though so I’m not sure they same supplier exists / would have the same product.

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Speedplay Pedal Thread

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