Speedplay Pedal Thread

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  • Speedplay power meter...?

  • That's what everyone is talking about but I'm more excited about a new pepper grinder to be honest. I don't care what brands are involved - new PMs are trouble. I just want stronger C-springs, actually I just want Shimano cleats...

  • Does anyone have any issues with their cleats creaking/squeaking?

    It doesn't seem to matter what i do but the cleats on one pair of my shoes creak constantly, regardless of whether i dry lube them or take them apart and clean them or what.

  • Yeah, do you use an adapter? It could be the metal plate deforming - mine are all bent and cracked. Could also be pedal bearings - have you serviced them?

  • pedal bearings are recently new, and it doesn't change if i'm using my ti pedals or my stainless ones.

    I'm using the walkable cleat with the normal 3-4 bolt cleat adapter.

  • Is it possible it's the cleat cover creaking? Mine seem to deform a bit with use and then start to creak.

  • I always tend to loosen the walkable cleats to the point I lose them. Do I need to loctite red those sum bitches or what?!

  • Have you pulled the adapter off and cleaned under that, as well as under the cleat?

  • My commuter cleat cover squeaks when I walk on one of them but not when pedaling.

  • yeah i've done a full strip and rebuild which solved it initially but it didn't last very long, which makes me think either something isn't tight enough or something needs lubrication which doesn't have it.

  • How tight are you doing the screws down? I've not used the walkable cleats yet but I presume they still bump when they get to the tight enough point? Too tight and the cleat won't work so you could try adding some torque. Tried shoes on different bike? ie. you sure it's the shoes?

  • Yeah i'm sure its the shoes - it happens on both my bikes which have different pedals on, and the rental bike I had last week.

    There's a torque setting for the screws right? (5 or 6nm?)

  • Nowhere near that - that's stem/seatpost torque. Think it's like 2.5Nm for cleat screws. They normally 'thunk' into place so I don't bother with torque wrench.

  • Yeah that's what i've been doing so far.

  • They must be broken. Give them to me and I'll give you some SPD-SL cleats instead. ;)

  • Anyone know if the current cleats come with baseplate screws (and also, any stockists in Leeds / Ilkley)?

    On a bike trip and have most of the bits to assemble winter pedals but forgot to grab screws. Annoying.

  • I'm sure they must come with screws because they always warned not to mix and match older parts with new cleat sets.

  • Cleats come with (plastic) baseplate and screws

  • Cool, ta. So all I need to find is somewhere in Leeds that sells cleats....

  • Been given a set of speedplay zero stainless pedals (light grey) with some lightly used cleats but I’d forgotten my other speedplay are the light action ones (got two sets: pink and dark grey, both Ti spindles)- anyone want to swap so I can get three of the same?

  • Anyone used Speedplay ultra light action cleats with Zero pedals? They say incompatible but just how incompatible are they?

  • Greasing speedplay pedals is quite satisfying.

    Nice greasegun helps.

  • To answer my own question, yes, they work.

  • I've got a fresh tube of lube on mine. Mmm... penetrate.

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Speedplay Pedal Thread

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