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  • So, any more opionions, is there a stack height difference in the walkables or not?

    Have you also considered using the Pave cleats? The difference is in the C-clip and it might be perhaps better for you...

  • Never looked at them. Aren't the Paves £10000000000000000000000

  • This reckons they're the same, just red. Although it's the old cleat.

    "Included with the Pave pedals are a special edition red Pave version of the new V2 Speedplay cleat. The V2 cleat utilises a new baseplate and shims, and updated screws. The actual pedal interface is identical, offering a possible 15 degrees of float and independent adjustment of the three foot axes. All V2 Zero cleats are compatible with older Zero pedals, and Speedplay says the new V2 shims improve compatibility with a wider range of road shoes."

  • This reckons they're the same, just red. Although it's the old cleat.

    I thought you were looking for the V2 cleats. (Pave still seems widely available in Europe in both standard and walkable variants)

    Pave vs. Zero?
    The dimensions are the same but Speedplay do claim they are different. I was told (by Speedplay) that while the Zero can use either the Zero or Pave cleats, the Pave demands the Pave cleat and should not use the Zero's cleat. I can only speculate from this that the C-clips are slightly different-- probably a bit stronger.

  • Hmmm, is that right? I'd read the speedplay website as suggesting that all zero range cleats and pedals are compatible with each other (and that should include the pave).

    Useful to know if that isn't right as I was thinking of getting a pair of pave pedals but don't want to have to run different shoes!

  • Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, I would be happy with V2 cleats, happier still with just c-springs.

    Interesting - I couldn't find any info about stronger springs. Might see if I can buy a set.

  • I'm not seeing many v2 cleat options. Seems most are walkable versions.
    Might just buy a set of those. Don't like doing such adjustments right before a race (yeah, right).

  • I asked explicitly what the differences are-- I also use the Speedplay pre-Pave cobblestone pedals so was curious about the new cleats. In a message I recieved in 2014 from Speedplay:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you for contacting Speedplay.
    There is a difference in cleats.
    You can use a Pave cleat with Zero Pedals, but not Zero cleats with Pave pedals.

    Any further questions please feel free to contact us again.


    Speedplay Inc.
    10151 Pacific Mesa Blvd. #107
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Ph. 858.453.4707

  • I'm not seeing many v2 cleat options. Seems most are walkable versions.

    In Europe the standard Zero V2 seemed to have vanished from the distribution chain. All I see now for the Zero are the (more expensive) walkable versions, the (even more expensive) Nanogram cleat and the Pave (which I see in both V2 and Walkable variants)..

  • Got a link for Pave V2? For euro stuff I'm normally using bike24 but they only have the walkable Pave. Hmm, maybe acycle have some left. Nope. Doh.

  • I couldn't find any info about stronger springs

    Getting information from Speedplay is difficult. The Light Action, for example, seems to use a softer spring Interestingly the difference in the Track variant is in the pedals themselves-- which effects (slightly) the way the release works-- and not the cleat.

  • Got a link for Pave V2?



    (looks like the supply of V2 Red cleats is also drying up in Europe)

    Amongst the Walkable.. What is interesting is that


    only sell the Pave and sell it for the Pave, Zero and Zero Aero..

  • When they're more expensive than the walkable cleats, there's not much point. :(

  • When they're more expensive than the walkable cleats, there's not much point. :(

    Looks like they have gotten more expensive.. There are, however, a number of use cases for V2 style over Walkable-- the later, can be made "Walkable" by Kool Kovers or their inexpensive Chinese knock-offs and can be "protected" for short walks by any of a number of covers from Speedplay and 3rd parties. For recreational cyclists the Walkable is perhaps a big plus-- the tiny bit of extra time to clip in does not matter-- but also with a downside: the rubber bits can fall offf (just like the Kool Kovers and copies but lacking a 3rd party replacement they are also much more expensive at almost 1/2 the price of a new pair of cleats).

  • Yeah, I already own multiple sets of both types of covers (cafe, KeepOn) so this walkable cleat provides very little benefit to me and makes my existing stuff redundant, all for the bargain price of >£50 - thanks Speedpray!

  • Did you find out if the C Springs are available as spare part or did you have to get a complete set of replacement cleats?

    I zero'd some cleats on my track pedals and now the spring's release tension seems shot...

  • I bought new cleats... and then of course found a stockpile of new cleats from 5 years ago in one of my bike storage zones and then double of course found that the spring wasn't broken at all, it just sits deeper on one side of the cleat.

  • Ah, was there a fix then?

    I think I noticed the spring on my bad cleat might have been rotated in one direction more than the other...

  • The fix if they break is to swap them with unbroken ones. You need spare cleats to do that.

  • Anyone got a spare C-clip, mine just snapped on my left cleat? Otherwise it's fifty quids for a new pair of cleats FFS

  • normal cleat or walkable cleat?

  • Normal @mcmyk

  • I'm going to be getting some Zeros soon... is there anything I should know before purchasing some? I use Frogs already on the cross bike so I'm used to their weird engaging system... are the road versions the same?

  • I'd be interested to give them a go and see how long their C-springs last.

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Speedplay Pedal Thread

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