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  • Thanks so much, can't wait.

    The nachos and onion rings look pretty special at Auld Hoose.

  • @Cazakstan

    Coffee: fortitude is good, particularly their own beans.

    Cult espresso is the best in my opinion. Friendly, top filter (kalita wave).

    Other good shouts include machina, cairngorm, filament.


    Try bodega for tacos on elm row. They have veg options, not sure about vegan. Is a small place though.

    Henderson's (bistro) is good vegan in my opinion.

  • Also try holyrood 9a. Good beers and food. Kitchen is open a lot later than many places in town.

    For bottle shops, try Cornelius and Bottle Baron. (If gin, try Drinkmonger)

  • Also manna house on Easter road for foods and cakes.

  • Awesome, got a great list now, roll on Saturday. Thanks very much @Cupcakes!

  • Will be in Edinburgh from tomorrow to Saturday and looking for some recommendations. Are the places mentioned here still recommended/open? Any new places that have opened up that are recommended instead? Mostly interested in food and beer places I think, ales and bitters more than NEIPA and sours for beer preferably really. We also like massive slabs of cake for an afternoon snack so if there’s any good places for that kind of thing happy to hear about them.
    We’re also planning to go up to Arthur’s Seat one day (weather isn’t looking great for this mind), but interested in any other long interesting walks as well, happy for anything up to a 25km loop really if there’s something that’s interesting to see.

  • For coffee check out Fortitude, Artisan Roast and Cult.

    The Bearded Baker does my favourite cinnamon rolls. They normally have three different types and they’re great for a little pick-me-up.

    Arthur’s Seat is a classic. You may want to check out The Braid Hills and the Hermitage of Braid walks. The Hermitage is a pretty interesting valley walk with a river and some cool old buildings.

  • Thanks for the tips, will give them all a look.

    • what hollow_legs says. If you're heading to Arthur's Seat it's worth a detour down Easter Road to Little Fitzroy coffee near the top, then a few doors down Cornelius is a great offie with many local beers and Twelve Triangles does great pastries and provisions. Tons to do in Leith in general, so much so that you barely need to "go south of John Lewis" as us Leithers say. Good range of beers with outdoor tables at Lost in Leith; bagels at Bross (they have four outlets across Edinburgh); if you can look past the name, Pizza Geeks does great pizza. My pals at Newbarns on Jane Street are ex Beavertown and Kernel brewers; you can get their cans at a lot of places up here and in London. Everything is well within walking range. Bring a raincoat.
  • Thanks for your suggestions as well @i_am_lono. We went up Arthur’s Seat on the Wednesday morning when the weather was good so didn’t have a chance to do the bits you’d mentioned around there. Got a couple of cans of Newbarns from Brauhaus and enjoyed them both.
    @hollow__legs the Hermitage Braid walk was really nice and another great view from the top there so thanks for that suggestion.
    In general we had a really nice time walking around and just stumbling across stuff for most of the trip as well. Went through to Leith after Arthur’s Seat and then back into town one day, another we went out to the Botanical Garden, along the leith to Dean Village and Gardens then on to the Modern Art Gallery which was also a nice day out. Went to Hanging Bat one night and was very happy with their cask selection when there. Another night ate out at a vegan place Seeds For the Soul which was pleasant. Last night we visited Bellfield Brewery who had some great beers. They look to rotate between food suppliers and it was Vegan Mexican this week which was quality, called Antojitos and I’d recommend them if you see them somewhere.

  • Sounds like a fine trip and glad you avoided the usual tourist guff. Thanks for the Antojitos tip too; we've had a few of the better Mexicans close down during the pandemic so always good to find another.

  • Where's good for dinner these days?

    We'll be staying in the West End, but walking all over.

  • I dont eat out too much but I buzz off Kenji (Japanese) in Stockbridge and Tempo Perso (Italian) Bruntsfield.

  • The thai place on the cobbled street corner in stockbridge but you have yo book well in advance its only small but amazing food.

  • +1 for Kenji, their takoyaki is as good as I used to have when living in Osaka. Leith-way you have The Walnut, Little Chart Room (new one down on Bonnington Rd with Mistral, a great wine shop, just next door). Borough set lunch is the best meal we’ve had this year. In the West End The Palmerston does really good coffee/pastries and a lunch menu too. Stockbridge is pretty up itself but does have legendary burger place Bell’s Diner, Artisan Roast coffee (original tiny/mildly flakey one on Broughton St) and a good Sunday market if you can avoid the queues. Our local Saturday Leith market at Customs House is great too.

  • Brilliant stuff - cheers all!

  • Can’t recommend Locanda de Gusti on Dalry Rd highly enough, a lovely wee authentic Italian that’s nothing like the usual Italian restaurant fodder, worth asking if the chef is happy to do the taster menu (normally for tables of x6 I think but sometimes less if it suits), meat or fish preference and not a spag bol in sight.

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