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  • Does anyone have any tips for Edinburgh?

    I'm there from Tues- Thurs.

    Craft beer and Coffee reccomendations would be great!

  • Craft beer:
    Holyrood 9A (good burgers), Holyrood Rd
    Red Squirrel and Hanging Bat on Lothian Rd
    Brewdog on Cowgate

    There are a lot of good pubs selling real ale and maybe one or two crafty ones:
    Blue Blazer, Kilderkin, Summerhall, Cloisters are among my favourites.

    I will be in Cloisters on Wednesday evening with a load of sweaty runners, so that may count against it then.

    Coffee - there are plenty of decent places but I'm not really fussy about coffee :)

    If you tell me which areas you'll be in I can give some recommendations for there too.

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  • I don't have any spares but there are at least 4 bike shops around the meadows: edinburgh bicycle coop, bicycle works, velo ecosse and pedals. There's also the bike station on causewayside. One of them will sort you out I'm sure.

  • Does anyone have any tips for Edinburgh?

    I'm there from Tues- Thurs.

    Craft beer and Coffee reccomendations would be great!

    For beer and burgers I like Holyrood 9A as mentioned up-thread.
    I also enjoyed Vintage which does craft beer and charcuterie.
    And Cloisters is also nice, although often packed.

    Coffee: Brewlab is definitely worth a look, although it can be a bit busy in my experience.
    Ronde is interesting too, not far from a LMNH or Rapha Cycle Club type place.
    Artisan Roast have been around for a while and are good too.

  • Machina Espresso in Tollcross is pretty good for coffee.
    Project Coffee too
    Artisan Roast Obvs
    Bells Diner for burgers, Summerhall for beer made on the premises

    Ventoux for bike related nonsense and a mad selection of german booze.

    bit late sorry

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  • Not craft beer but Brau House on Lauriston Place is a favourite for me and really good for Belgium beers, hundreds of the things.

    Not sure if Macdonalds on Morrison Street is still open but i always enjoyed their service, I even once had Danny Macaskill tell me my BB shell was goosed!

    Coffee, I did enjoy Wellington coffee on the corner of George street and Hanover, although i believe they get there beans from Artisan (maybe wrong)

    Anyway, great city, enjoy it to the max

  • I'm going to high-jack some of these venues as I'll be going up for the fringe festival bank holiday weekend.

  • Get thee to all teh venues, festival is awsum

  • I hate the festival: it's the annual dickhead migration. But at least they all fly south for the winter...

  • I've been before, it's to see my sister perform. Although I only stayed for one night before and that was a massive drink up.

  • Does anyone in Edinburgh (or someone you know) have a universal rear mech hanger? My boyfriend Tim is riding LEL, and his snapped before Moffat, and he's in desperate need. He'll be at the Edinburgh station v soon. All fingers and toes crossed!!!

  • Might be worth ringing round bike shops in Edinburgh for one, or if he gets desperate, could try the Edinburgh Bike Station which is a bike recycling project, they may have one that fits.
    Website: http://www.thebikestation.org.uk/edinbur­gh/
    You can find it here

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks for the tip. Someone managed to find him one at Soul Cycles in town, so hopefully that'll do the trick!

  • Ideal, best of luck to him :)

  • Unrelated to original post- has anyone ridden the ncn route from Edinburgh south towards Berwick?

  • Off to Edinburgh this Saturday - Thursday. Are there any updated tips? (food/bike shops/things to see/good coffee).

    @bazschmaz @Cupcakes I'm looking at you.. Ta!

    I'm vegan, other half isn't so mix of food types is good.

  • fortitude coffee does the best flat white in town, imo.

  • I only drink black coffee, filter/aeropress/pour over because I am a dickhead. My GF loves a flat white though. Looks like a nice place though and they do pourover so I'm in!

  • @Cazakstan

    Have you been to Paradise Palms yet? Drink coffee at Mr Eion then crossed the road and drunk the exact same coffee at Gamma Transport surrounded by fancy bike shit?

    12 triangles if you’ve not been yet. Also everyone always likes doughnuts.

    Gardeners Cottage lunch and dinner menu is amazing at the moment. Casual fine dining and their wine pairings are wet yourself good.

    Mostly EH7 centric recommendations. Other bits of town do exist.

  • Awesome, thanks so much. We're staying at a mate's house in Leith but will have a car to use too I think so getting about is easy.

    I have not been to Paradise Palms but I've seen photos and it's on my list. I've also seen Bread meets bread, illegal Jacks and the auld hoose which all look tasty..

  • Also Purslane is worth a visit. Scran & Scallie in Stockbridge. Farmers markets castle terrace/Leith docks/ Stockbridge depending on the day.

    Might be something happening at Pitt Street market.

    Auld Hoose nachos are a tradition.

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