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  • A thread to discuss what you did on your SQT session, or even what you might like to do on an SQT.

    Just in case you don't know, SQT is an abbreviation of Structured Quality Training.

    Witty 'cycling related' alternatives of SQT will be accepted.

  • They are run very nicely at Lee Valley, coach asked us what we all wanted to do, structured it so that the endurance and sprint riders had approx 20 mins on / off. He called each group when they had a few minutes left of their efforts, so we were ready to changeover.

    Big thumbs up, well organised and helpful coaches.

  • We had a rider on sunday at Bournemouth accreditation.
    He rides HH
    He went to Lee V and said as you expect the accred has to include every aspect from the beginning.
    Wish they would sort out a national accred for track. As derby will be open soon, daft riders going round every 250 track paying again and again and again and again.....

  • There is a national accreditation for track.
    For all 250m indoor velodromes.

    LVVP, Newport, Manchester, Derby and Glasgow are all part of this scheme. Once registered it will appear on your BC membership as "UK velodrome accredited".
    This is because the five cities velodromes have all agreed on a 4 stage process to accredit riders.

  • that sounds like progress
    can you get someone from the death star to start telling people?
    then these sorts of threads and endless conversations wouldnt need to appear

  • http://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/en/contĀ­ent/cms/london2012/velo-park/track/trackĀ­-accreditation/

    Shared accreditation partnership
    Lee Valley VeloPark's four stage accreditation process is part of the UK Velodromes shared accreditation partnership. This means that if a rider has written proof of accreditation from one of the following venues it is also valid at the other venues:

    Cycle Derby Velodrome
    Lee Valley VeloPark
    National Cycling Centre Velodrome, Manchester
    Wales National Velodrome, Newport
    A rider must complete all 4 stages off the accreditation process at the same venue.

  • thanks will distribute

  • Just finished my first SQT session along with HoKe. Really nicely set out session allowing us to put some decent efforts in across the different exercises.

  • It hurts!!!

  • How long do the official SQT sessions last?

  • 2 hours.

  • 15 minutes in, 15 minutes out x 4

  • Do they split you out in A/B groups?

  • Do they split you out in A/B groups?


  • Excellent!

  • You'll need to arrive early to be ready to ride at the start time.

    I would also think about your gear choice and change prior to arriving, seen plenty of people rushing 2 minutes before a session.

  • What exercises do they do in sprint SQT?
    And what gear inches would you recommend? I normally train/race HHV with a 92, but have tried an 88 and 90 and I am comfortable with either, I just prefer 90 for sprints and 92 for scratch/others.

  • Are there going to be more SQT sessions per week soon? I rang today to see what session I could book and the next available space was 21st September. The last space on that session apparently.

    I booked it, but it's not easy knowing if I'm going to be able to make that session that far in advance. I guess there are enough accredited riders to fill extra sessions now.

  • Yes, usually the available spaces run out a week before, a month now seems crazy! Usually they are doing sunday and monday sessions, but this month only on sundays. I hope this thing will be sorted soon.

  • I think it's worth suggesting to LVV some kind of 'session transfer system' seeing as now that you have to book up a month in advance. A way for riders who've booked an SQT - but are unable to make it for some reason - being able to transfer their spot to another rider (in exchange for a paypal transfer or whatever they agree).

    If you can't make it and try to cancel within 5days of the date, there's no refund, so no incentive for people to give up their spot. Subsequently the 20 person SQTs rarely have the full quota of people attending, as inevitably things come up which you can't foresee 4 weeks ahead.

    In fact, maybe it's just a case of being given a thumbs up from LVV and then there could be a thread on LFGSS where people post if they can't make a session. First to dibs gets the spot, then session seller contacts LVV and says 'so-and-so will be using my spot'. Can't see why they'd object...no loss of income for them.


  • If they permit last minute 'name changes' to a booking, and it's another accredited rider taking the spot, I don't see why there'd be an issue... maybe they'd need 24 hours notice or something to check the accreditation, to ensure nobody was getting onto the track who shouldnt be there.

  • Maybe @RPM might be able to shed some light on what's happening. I'd certainly like to see more SQT sessions available as more riders are passing their accreditations and progressing through the system.

    I had an email today regarding plenty of spaces available on the Skills session for tomorrow, but I want to ride with other accredited and confident riders, not pay more money for a weekday daytime session with riders with probably/possibly little track riding knowledge.

  • I had an email today

    @roboto is there an email list for LVV?

  • I haven't joined one by choice, but since I've been accredited I've received emails about advanced sessions and now spaces on sessions that need more riders.

  • If they permit last minute 'name changes' to a booking, and it's
    another accredited rider taking the spot, I don't see why there'd be
    an issue... maybe they'd need 24 hours notice or something to check
    the accreditation, to ensure nobody was getting onto the track who
    shouldnt be there.

    ...sure this could be checked quickly with membership numbers etc.

    I had an email conversation with a member of the LVV admin team yesterday and she said there were no plans to add more SQTs just yet, despite increased interest.

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Lee Valley SQT Sessions

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