South Downs way, end-to-end, TBC

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  • Ah cool

    There are two more between Winch and QE that I know of, one at the Meon Fishery place and one at the Sustainability centre just up the road from the fisheries.

    There is also that pub you pass just outside Winchester, but I've never investigated if they have an outside tap.

  • I’m trying to keep it to the essentials. There’s already a few too many around the 100/60k mark. Should be able to manage the first/last 35k on two bottles. Edit: I added those two to the east-west route.

  • Can anyone who's done both routes tell me how SDW compares to the Trans-Cambrian way? For a two day/overnight wild camp expedition? Similar sort of average speeds or not?
    (I'm sure there'll be a thread about Trans-Cambrian somewhere but I can't find it)

  • maybe it's not what you want to hear, but I think both SDW and Trans-Cambrian way are not great routes. TCW especially doesn't go near logical resupply and sleeping/overnight points, and both route over every hill in sight, rather than along magical ridgeline singletrack.

  • if you want to go to wales, both of these rides are excellent, I have done them and couldn't think of much more fun I'd had on a bike. 4 days and 5 days respectively.

  • Have to agree on SDW having done it last Thursday. It doesn’t exactly flow.

    Good challenge though, to manage it without easy resupply. I think I’ll go back to do it the other way at some point in spring.

  • it doesn't flow at all, it's just loads of really steep up and really steep down, where's the fun in that? the trails off SDW are all great, and quiet, and flowy.

    do this instead, much more fun

  • What are the train connections like at either end of the EWE route?

  • great!
    fuck cars, I refuse to drive one
    train to start at merthyr tydfil
    train from finish at shrewsbury

  • updated the EWE RWGPS link to the exact route I took, trail notes in description as always

  • Those look great. Think I've done some off the North Wales bits of them already and they've been some of the best offroad I've done in this country south of Scotland.
    However family limitations mean at best I can only manage a two day trip so will have to save them for another year.
    South Downs Way is annoyingly convenient as my parents live in Lewes & it's a relatively short train journey from London. I know it's not amazing, but it's the perfect sort of length for an overnight trip.
    Maybe I'll do the Wayfarer one - that does look pretty good. Better on mtb or 'gravel' bike?
    Alternately there's King Alfred's way but am slightly put off that by the awful facebook group.

  • trail notes in description as always

    ignore my question about mtb or gravel... just seen them

  • no worries!
    King Alfred's way is like a lame BTEC version of my great Wayfarer's route

  • some other good 2-day rides

    Kemble Round -

    Peddars & Icknield Way -

    Chilterns Weekender -

  • Excellent, thank you - slightly phallic Chilterns ride looks like it might be a good option. Could do with something slightly different to Sussex. MTB? Would rather do something more MTB given the choice.

  • Which is most fun/has best chance of nice wild camping spot, out of the Kemble one and the Chilterns weekender?

  • either are good, Chilterns probably nicer at this time of year

  • Cheers, will report back if/when I manage to do one of them.
    (the ride is the easy part, getting time away from the children to actually do them is the harder part).

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South Downs way, end-to-end, TBC

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