South Downs way, end-to-end, TBC

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  • What gear ratio though?

  • As much as I'm just trying to wind people up, I honestly want to have a go at some point

    Beauty of the SDW is that you can split it up into chunks which reference the nearest train station, and each logical chunk contains a really nice mix of terrain and scenery.

    This is a nice route to do (it's the first bit) if you wanted to come back to Winchester to for e.g. pick up your car:­6855

    That does contain the clay section however, which I'd swerve.

  • Clay was on this ride:­4367

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  • Any terrain is possible on singlespeed, so it's worth attempting. The challenge is that you'll either be walking for large chunks of it due to being over-geared, or make very slow progress due to being under-geared.

  • Fastest SDW double cycle is currently Ian Leitch at 15 hrs 35 mins

    Fastest SDW double on a single speed bike is Rob Dean at 18 hrs 41 mins

    Mind blown

  • Fastest SDW double double cycle (completing the Trail 4 times without stopping) is Rob Colliver at 55 hours

    One for @skinny ;-)

  • Yeah I think a recce and a smart gearing choice will have to happen first

  • Guessing that was a ss mtb?

  • I honestly won't even guess until I've done a couple of sections first

  • Yeah, every time I think CX on that route, I imagine a puncture nightmare

  • In the summer I did a few hours riding of the SDW on a Genesis Vagabond (with 29er MTB tyres and Ritchey venture max handlebar.) Apart from the weight (steel frame/fork), felt like quite a comfortable set up and position for the SDW. Rarely felt the need for suspension, and was good to have different options for hand positions. May try and do longer sections next spring.

  • Had a pop at a double last summer. Made the error of starting in the early morning. Personally I think getting the dark section out the way first would be good, riding into a long day, and finishing when it's getting dark again. I failed at 200k/4000m elevation

    It's a lovely trail on a light MTB - nothing at all technical. And a end to end in a day is 100% possible as a big challenge for most people if you ride your bike a fair bit

  • I'm basically recovered from my accident now, in the market for a mtb

  • Lol. I think there and back would be enough!

  • First bit is fine, despite the very heavy rain - passable on a cross bike (I was on a mountain bike and I think the thinner tyres of a cross bike would have been an advantage in places).­3828

  • Thinking of doing this as a two dayer around Easter time. What are people’s views on using a gravel bike with 42mn tyres?

  • For a two dayer you’ll be fine. You’ll be rattling around a bit but I’m sure you’ll be prepared for that.

  • Cheers. I’d been planning on using the wild camping ground at Amberley. That appears to be closed now having been sold so will try and pluck up the courage to camp out on the top somewhere.

  • Ah, memories.
    Think it was a couple of years ago that I rode the SDW over two days with some fine fellows from this parish, @Howard and @platypus amongst them.
    Glorious weather, good company and a great route.

  • pluck up the courage to camp out on the top somewhere.

    Chanctonbury Ring is a lovely camping spot.

  • Quite in to the idea of wild camping on the South Downs once the lockdown has eased a little more. Is there a list of good spots or is that not a thing as it’s, ahem, not allowed?

  • I usually camp as close to a water tap as possible. Makes dinner and brekfast that much easier.

  • True, I’ll be on foot though so it’s a bit easier to haul water!

  • Oooh I wanna go. I need to test my eyesight you see.

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South Downs way, end-to-end, TBC

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