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  • @Squaredisk That was posted yesterday evening. So she writes that the public's not interested in what Cummins is saying, immediately after he said it.

    I wonder how she gauges the public mood so quickly?

  • why not a single opposition MP ask Hancock today that why he defended Cummings back then publicly?

  • I was concerned to be honest, until I read her piece and realised there was nothing to be worried about. Guessing it was no accident Cummings dropped her name yesterday, I wonder what he has up his rolled up sleeve.

  • Hancock comes across as a useful idiot. Cummings said Johnson called him a firewall for the inquiry. I wonder what he thought when he looked in the mirror this morning, lol.

  • Channel 4 political editor said exactly the same thing at 7pm last night, even throwing in a "the public want to put this pandemic behind them, like Brexit"

  • Proposed boundary changes

    According to the plans I may be changing constituency, although into one which probably has less in common with the area I'm in.

  • Doorstepped by broadcasters and asked if he was “hopeless”, Hancock replied: “I don’t think so.”

    That's not a denial (of the charge of hopelessness levelled by his own PM).

  • yellow wall just doesent sound right does it?

  • Gammon baiter in chief.

    love his work.

  • Just went rapidly into a twitter politics hole. Urgh, I forget all the muted shit on my app isn't muted on the website.

    Fuck May, Patel and Boris and all the rest of the self-serving cunts.

    Just in case my opinion wasn't clear on this.

  • Fucking lying t*ry c*nt.
    Just lost for any other response. Well, other than ‘sure, sounds perfectly reasonable, exactly what I do’ YOU FUKIN LYING SHIT

    “But it said Lord Bethell had confirmed that about six months ago his phone was broken and replaced and that his new phone did not contain the phone data.”

  • Williamson out, Patel to follow?

  • Finally Jenrick is out!

  • The weird thing about all this is that there doesn't seem to be any policies about using personal devices, ensuring work devices are backed up, etc.

    If I used personal phone, email, etc for work then I'd be breaching a variety of our guidelines but for something as important as running the country the guidelines seem to be "do what you want".

  • Go on holiday for the fall of Kabul and get promoted to Deputy Prime minster, the fuck

  • I though Ministerial Code had this covered but clearly if you’re the kind of politician who doesn’t care (about anything except yourself and your mates) then that’s hardly going to rein you in?

  • Justice Secretary, Lord Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister…
    …anything else you fancy, Dom?

  • It's pretty weak. Using your personal email is fine, just cc your official email if you think it is government business. No worries if you don't think it is.

  • Lord Chancellor is a synonym/old name for Justice Secretary so that's only two roles.

    But yes, the "promotion" to Deputy PM is a strange reward for incompetence. But that seems to be the way, look how Liz Truss has underwhelmed her way to a great office of state while Buckland, whose work has been praised by Labour MPs, is off to the backbenches.

  • Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary?

    Satire is well and truly dead.

  • Nadhim Zahawi as Education Secretary seems like we got off lightly after they threatened us with Kemi Badenoch a few weeks ago. Oliver Dowden was also mooted earlier in the day, but he went to a state school so I think that ruled him out.

  • Had a promotional email from an ironmongery business today

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Politics Chat.

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