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  • Thanks, but obviously 'violations of the ministerial code', dishonourable though they may be, won't cut any ice with public opinion. People will just see mentioning these as petty political point-scoring. Evidently, they don't lead to immediate sanctions, if any, and I'd guess like me most people wouldn't have heard of the existence of a ministerial code before it started to be referenced not too long ago.

    What is clear is that these people are very careful not to take any money, with favours probably slated to be repaid at a much later date, and I think the only thing that really gets through, as in the sleaze of the 90s, is payment.

    I was actually thinking more about the huge corruption scandal around COVID-19 procurement contracts, which is legalised corruption under 'emergency' powers.

  • Yeah, perhaps they could do the first job well. Anyway, I secretly hope Laura was using 'cheese and pickle' as a euphemism, but I doubt it. It's quite depressing that she is a lead reporter for the BBC and offers up stuff like this and calls it journalism.

  • Can we admit this Tory attempt to smear the greens is not helping the conservative cause?

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  • text book case of "don't threaten me with a good time".

  • This deserves mention owing to the brazenness of the lie--everybody involved in London politics knows that Johnson wrecked London's finances despite large bailouts from his mates Cameron and Osborne, and now he's trying to gaslight people about this.


    Basically, the Government under C&O had the idiotic idea of forcing TfL to fund public transport largely through fares and not through government grants. Strangely, in circumstances when most fares income falls away, such as, to choose a completely random example, during a pandemic, this can cause a few problems.

    The problem with comparing Johnson and Khan is that it's like comparing apples and oranges--Khan is actually a Mayor, whereas Johnson was just an idle, disengaged waste of space and leadership vacuum who left most of the work to others, such as Edward Lister.

  • Laura Kuenssberg with another hard hitting piece: person accused of breaking lobbying rules doesn't think they were breaking lobbying rules. Best just to wrap it up folks.

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  • Johnson having an enquiry (but not too much of an enquiry) in to Cameron is serving the dish ice cold. And maybe rubbing some of the shine off his rival Sunak.

  • Wouldnt it be easier to wash the whole Serco/Delloite/Hancock's pub mate stuff off with some punishment for dodgy dave? He is irrelevant anyway.

  • Classic Dom

  • https://dominiccummings.com/

    It's an interesting blog post.

    He's not someone I would want to have got on the wrong side of - BJ might come to regret this.

  • Twitter is pinning the leaks and blaming it on Dom on Gove who is still looking to bring down Johnson and usurp him

  • PM accused of saying "Let the bodies pile high in their thousands".

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  • "Let the bodies pile high in their thousands"

    To be fair, it doesn't really matter if he said it or not, its exactly what he did. worst death rate in the world etc....

  • Given Peston supports the narrative he said it then it looks like Boris got what he wanted.

  • It would great if this resets the wank fest that the vaccine roll has become for the Tory's and people can get back to discussing how many people the cunts have killed.

  • You would think between this, dodgy contracts, Cameron and Greensill, funding of refurb etc. they would be falling apart but they seem happy to front it out, they truly believe they are untouchable

  • At some point BJ will be cast out, just as May was. It's fascinating to watch from the outside. Certainly seems like a concerted effort the last few weeks.

  • natural governing party

    bet they are still up in the polls

  • Two polls out today:

    Westminster voting intention:

    CON: 44% (-)
    LAB: 34% (-)
    LDEM: 8% (-2)
    GRN: 4% (-)
    REFUK: 3% (-)

    , 26 Apr
    Chgs. w/ 19 Apr

    Westminster voting intention:

    CON: 40% (-5)
    LAB: 37% (-1)
    LDEM: 8% (+2)
    GRN: 5% (-)

    , 16 - 22 Apr
    Chgs. w/ Mar

  • Kuenssberg holding Boris to account again. Guys, he's just 'recreating the truth' like Steve Jobs or something.

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  • Was such a weird article, seen it posted last night and was like, ooh, they are at last going to hold him to account and then just read a waffly article that didn't really say much. They should of just posted the Peter Stefanovic video and left it to viewers to decide.

  • Yeah it had no teeth at all. He actually comes out of it looking like some kind of genius at lying. Total sycophancy.

  • Kuenssberg watch continues. The 'early mistakes' she mentions apparently (according to Cummings yesterday) include Boris wanting to be injected with a vial of Covid live on TV early last year. And all the deaths of course. 👍

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Politics Chat.

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