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  • I love drawing, am not great at it

    I'd disagree. That wheelbarrow sketch shows a confident hand; good line control, at what looks like a reasonable speed.

  • Well that’s kind and perhaps I’m being a touch disingenuous, but the end result often feels a little ‘leaden’. Practice though :)

  • I take it you succeeded? Fantastic work.

  • Did a few for them but the timescales became silly. T'was back in the day when you had to cart your portfolio around to get yourself known and work had to be posted. I didn't live anywhere near London and not one atom of my being is a salesman.

  • not one atom of my being is a salesman.

    I hear you. It’s why I’ve largely remained on the design and commissioning side of things.

    Ive done exhibitions and found it similar - people come up to you at the private view and ask about your work. I’d just start talking about someone else’s work straight away when actually I should probably be bigging myself up or whatever.


    How’s that?

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  • Bit of a weird one. Not sure where to ask - can anyone help me do a minor edit on an Adobe Illustrator file? It should be a minute job, and I don't have illustrator access at the moment. Please help.

  • Pm me, might be able to help :)

  • I was so happy when I got back my stolen bike so I designed these experimental typography posters about my story :)

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  • Wow. That really hits me.

  • I need some framing advice: I have a drawing on two layers of ordinary cheap A4 tracing paper which has been squashed in a clip frame for the last 18 years. The sheets are quite ripply. Is there anything I can do to straighten them out, or should I just leave it? I'm going to reframe it with a mat so it's not going to be squashed anymore.

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  • The only methods I know involved wetting the paper, which I assume would wreck the drawing?

  • Yeah I think water and tracing paper is a bad combination. Also the drawing might wash off.

    I put them in a book with a load of other books on top for a few days and see how they do.

  • I think you can actually iron that kind of paper.
    Obviously test on non art first.

  • The method I had in mind was soaking it and then using brown paper tape to tape it along each edge to a wooden board. It should then shrink slightly once it dries, which can remove the wrinkles.

    And probably wreck all the drawing.

  • I did consider ironing but have no non-art ripply trace to test. I guess I could quickly make some with water...

  • I've done that with cotton-based papers (before applying art) but never seen it done with trace. It sounds a bit dramatic to try.

  • Probably not the best solution for a double-layered piece, but a suggestion anyway:

    My daughter painted a bird on crappy printer paper which wrinkled like crazy when I put it in a frame, there was no chance of flattening it. So I scanned it, boosted the brightness to loose the slight wrinkling that appeared, and printed it out on some decent paper. It lost some vibrance in the colours but otherwise I'm pleased with the result, and more importantly it hangs on the wall rather than laying hidden in a drawer.

    Good luck with whatever method you use.

  • Made some Show Cards for my Screen Print studio, tried to go for a Victorian classic style

    5 colour screen print with gold gilding.

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  • Portrait of Vélocio (the OG cyclotourist, not the fixie-skidder boss) for a project I'm working on.

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  • And the finished article! Really pleased with how these turned out.

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Artists! Illustrators! Show your stuff to the forum!

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